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Not sure if this will delete my Last Blog or not, But, I am just completely bored!
So how is everyone doing?
I start my work expirience on Monday! Then it is Christmas, Then i turn 16, Then 2 months left of school! I AM SO EXCITED!
Well i got nothing to say ha ha.
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I need to release some steam XD

Posted June 13th, 2016 at 12:02 PM by Dimentio

Okay, so for every single month this year, literally every single one, the internet has had a faze of for a week, sometimes a little less, but never passing the week benchmark, it will have 2/3 days of going COMPLETELY, like, fully gone, can't do anything about it, then following that, it will be so slow that i can't use Tumblr or Facebook, and just to watch a 10 minute video, it takes 3 hours of loading, so imagine it being THAT bad at LEAST once a week, EVERY month!
Well this month, it's passed the week, and it is still going on, so i don't know if it will ever work again, but the thing is, it's done this for 6 fucking months, and probably nearing 2 months in total, i have seen all my films, i have read all my books, i have drawn so fucking much, i have left the house so much it is ridiculous, like, i have done everything i can, but now, after 6 months of this shit, I've ran out of shit to do and i don't know what i can fucking do any more and I'm fucking miserable!

Also okay, so before the internet went down, i made 2 new friends, so i have only known them for about 2 weeks or less, the sister was my first friend, we're usually more relaxed, silly, and light hearted, the brother however, i seem to get more deep and stuff with, which i try to avoid, but they're new, so whatever!
Well 3 times now he has spoken to me about moving to help my depression and anxiety, but i have ignored those comments, so today is the fourth time he did it, and i knew, i fucking KNEW he would argue with me on it!
So i said no to moving, i even listed why it won't help, i showed examples, i said i like him, and i am very miserable and agitated lately, and i am getting sick of people arguing with me on this subject like they know me best, and you've only been in my life for 2 weeks, so you don't know me at all, and i am telling you, it won't be good for me!
So he has NO reason to argue with me right? I showed him examples of why it is bad for me, i asked him not to argue with me, and even showed him why arguing is pointless, guess what he IMMEDIATELY fucking does like i knew he would!?!
I am just getting SO fucking sick of people arguing with me, like they know me better than i do, also, i am getting REALLY fucking sick of the only people who talk to me either, don't care for how i feel and just want a pillow to punch, or they act like they do, and if they don't get their answer, they won't believe me anyway!
Like i had a friend talk to me recently, been in my life about 8+ months by this point, and he asked how i felt, i said i felt fine, and listed why i felt good, but i KNEW he didn't believe me, A FUCKING WEEK LATER, i post a rant, he IMMEDIATELY comes and messages saying "See, i knew you didn't feel fine!", but the reason this shit pisses me off more than most things is, i could argue with them ALL fucking day on how they're in the wrong, how i am telling the truth, i am a fucking person, i am me, i don't lie, i can give examples, proof, whatever, but they won't believe me as it is not the answer they won't, and it just fucking agitates me SO much that i can't get the truth across because they're being so fucking arrogant as not to listen -.-

A fucking month where the internet is not going, or being so slow i can't do anything on it anyway, and a fucking friend who cares for me, and knows i will tell the truth, that'd be the fucking dream!
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