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This blog will review opinions, daily conundrums, and anything else deemed interesting by the higher powers that be.
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The Sounds of Sin

Posted February 19th, 2016 at 12:24 AM by Microcosm

There was, I recalled, an old PC in my attic at my parent's house. It had been my dad's before he passed away. I used the computer when I was a kid as nothing more than a toy, but, upon my recollection of its existence, it became the object of some interest with me, as I had left a series of old journal entries on the machine to pass the time in my younger years.

The following is a journal entry from today: February 20th, 2016.
Upon awaking this morning, I resolved to uncover this relic of a machine to revisit my old journal entries, but also to add this new one. Through this machine, I feel an odd connection with my father, as if the electric pulse emerging from it were of his soul. It is, nevertheless, long past, and souls are either permitted to roam the Earth in a savage state or move on to a better existence. Whether part of his spirit still lurks in this old machine or not, the spark of curiosity is still strong.
At this point in the entry, I stopped to think about what I might add, but when a second had passed in my contemplation, I noticed a Compact Disc wedged between the old wooden shelf next to the PC, shrouded in the darkness of its corner. The CD Drive of the computer was quite old and did appear to be out of shape to some degree, but I nevertheless resolved to attempt to play the newfound disc.

I dislodged the disc and flipped it over, the cover reading "The Sounds of Sin." There was a bit of poorly drawn cover art which appeared to have been drawn in a frantic hurry. Red marker or some other drawing device of similar properties must have been used to decorate the disc's case.

I tossed open the case, removed the disc, and plopped it into the computer. A moment of whizzes and whirrs from the computer passed before it read the CD.

The first track was titled "ripping" in lower-case letters. This title confused me and I couldn't quite determine the purpose of this disc. However, I listened only to hear a long-lasting silence. About a minute in to the first track, a low tearing sound could be heard, but it didn't sound like any rip or tear I had heard before in my life. The sound truly irritated my ears, but what did so more was the silent, almost inaudible laughing that followed it. The laughing faded to sobbing after a few seconds of tearing, and the first track ended.

The second track then followed, being slightly less confusing. This time, the voice of a boy came through. He sounded around the age of 12 or 13, but he was heard clearly. The track was titled "confess." In the recording, the boy described his guilt for sins he had committed. He sobbed silently at parts, but was mostly collected throughout the track.

"I feel pain... Pain from all of these things I did. I'm still doing them. It's really not that bad..." This sentiment was followed by sobs.

The track consisted of these sorts of vague confessions and lasted about a minute before ending with a long silence.

The pause was followed by the horrendous shrieks of track 3, called "life." Tearing and cracking could be heard much more audibly than in the first track. The laughing was maniacal and it was clear the boy from the second track was the one who was laughing. Another scream was heard too, though, this time of a different voice.

At this point, I removed the CD. I felt horrified at what I had found and didn't know what to do with it.

After a short contemplation, I opened back up my journal entry to continue as I frantically typed:
DO NOT listen to the Sounds of Sin.
I saved the file and closed the computer.

My blood truly ran cold and my heart stopped, the moment froze in its tracks as I heard a voice behind me:

"It's been a while, but the sounds of sin... They do return."

"You'll be track 4..."
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