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Not sure if this will delete my Last Blog or not, But, I am just completely bored!
So how is everyone doing?
I start my work expirience on Monday! Then it is Christmas, Then i turn 16, Then 2 months left of school! I AM SO EXCITED!
Well i got nothing to say ha ha.
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Invasion of privacy, am i in the wrong?

Posted October 15th, 2014 at 03:13 PM by Dimentio

Well we had a college trip Tuesday that i did not go to due to depression and knowing the place inside and out and not needing to go haha
But Claire kicked up a HUGE fuss about it and every single day bitched and moaned and saying she had plans and it was on one of our days off and just being completely over dramatic.... Yet she still went?
So i asked Katherine if she did and after she said yes i basically said what i just said, and me and Katherine were talking about it for a bit, (I just accidentally undid that and when i clicked redo i read it in Cosmos voice XD), anyway, we was speaking about it for a bit, end of conversation!
And then today Katherine kept going off by herself and i thought it was Claire but i was not so sure, so Claire asked me to ask her so i did and she replied to my message saying it was because of Claire, this is where it goes bad -.-
Without asking me, so invading my privacy and being rather rude, Claire as i showed her the message started scrolling through my Facebook without me being aware of it, and saw those messages, as i forgot about them otherwise i would not have even shown her the message and all of a sudden she slammed my phone down, it's a Nokia Lumia so it was fine! Got her pissed off stance and face and after a while someone asked if she was okay and she said "No it's Kieran and Katherine they were bitching about me!"
Which technically it was bitching yes, but i did ask her that day why she made all that fuss for nothing so she already knew about my thoughts, and maybe i shouldn't have said it, but she has done this SO many times kicking up a fuss and over exaggerating things and being bitchy when there is no need for it, so that is why i made the comment!
So i was acting like i felt bad about it and i kept apologizing and saying i shouldn't have done it and i understand why she is mad at me, which is partially true, but like, she does always kick up a fuss about everything, is bitchy for no reason, over exaggerates for no reason, says she will do something and never do it, invaded my privacy, then tried making me feel awkward and crappy!
Which she was acting fine with me but she kept sending messages to people afterwards so i know she wasn't, also she is one of those "Talk about it in person" people apparently, yet, I've never seen her do that, even right beside me!
So am i really in the wrong!?!
Yet again, invaded my privacy, caused a huge fuss about this with a lot of arguments, upsets people a lot, makes bitchy comments for no reason, and says she will always do things and never does, like the three ones that stick up to me, the CONSTANT talk of leaving college or not going to a certain class then more recently having to dissect fish, major fucking freak out being a bitch and saying she wasn't gonna do it, guess what she did? Guess what i did not do as i physically could not handle it? Like i just got sick of it!
If it was a first time thing, I said it in a more rude way, I gave her permission to go through my Facebook and there was 20 messages or so about bitching about her, I'd understand and see i am in the wrong, as none of that is true and then some, I don't, like, not saying i am perfect as, as i said, shouldn't have said it in the first place, but, it was my honest thoughts, what i said was not unwarranted and it wasn't exactly rude and bitchy or anything!
Really has fucked me off XD
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