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Not sure if this will delete my Last Blog or not, But, I am just completely bored!
So how is everyone doing?
I start my work expirience on Monday! Then it is Christmas, Then i turn 16, Then 2 months left of school! I AM SO EXCITED!
Well i got nothing to say ha ha.
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So i tried sorting out the Poppy and Jake issue....

Posted August 21st, 2014 at 03:54 PM by Dimentio

Here below is the messages i sent to Poppy and how she replied, these have not been edited in any way:
Me: I was just going to message you but i got distracted by your profile picture XD I'm not trying to be an ass like but it's kinda cute :3 ANYWAY! Where are we standing right now? :') Cause like, I wanna know how much shit i am going to be getting from people when college starts again haha

Her: Thanks. Well, I'm standing in my kitchen... And I'm guessing you are at home...?


Her: I know xD

Me: I just, I'm at a loss for words right now, just, like puns are never good but jesus!

Her: Well you did ask...

Me: It's one of those things, like, a thing, that is that word, like, you say something to mean something else, it has a word for it, but i don't even know, but it means.... All i can think is things you could be a smart ass about -,- Urm, HOW DO YOU FEEL!?! THAT'S IT! Because yeah, all the class i feel like hate me already and want to give me shit, so yeah, just kinda wanna know haha

Her: I know, I'm not silly...
I feel happy because I'm with Jake...
But I can't be bothered to argue with you

Me: What? O.o I'm not trying to cause shit or anything, I was just asking if we was okay now or not, but clearly not.... Which is KIND of ridiculous as it's been what, over 11 weeks now? But whatever.

Her: I'm not angry with you... And I don't want to argue with you

Me: I was literally just asking if we was okay now or not, that's it, there's no reason to act like this, a yes or no would have sufficed, but I am answering that question for myself and saying no!

Her: Okay
Act like what?

Me: Act really pissed off and moody and like i am trying to cause shit, Poppy, it's been 11 fucking weeks, let me make that clear, 11. FUCKING. weeks. What do you want me to do!?! Skip on a fucking rainbow screaming to the world how sorry i am!?! Like, all i wanted to do was forgive and forget, and i thought, 11 fucking weeks, like it would for any normal person, would be enough of a break for things to blow over, what the fuck do you want me to do!?!

Okay before you all think i am an ass here, let me explain this one more time, okay so one day i noticed Jake and Poppy were kind of being more and more rude to me, so i made a group chat, asked what was wrong, and if we could talk the issue out, I get shat on by them both, more people get involved, more shit, more people get involved, more shit, so now with nearly all the class hating me, in front of them all, so they all saw this, I asked if i could be left alone, and they all saw and heard it, and yet, for the last 3 days of that college year she continually gave me shit, so i thought, fuck it, wait for the 11 week holiday to end, that'd work, as before this i has asked multiple times if we could sort this out, she asked once, so i asked her again if we were on mutual grounds and stuff as you can see, but okay, you have all seen what i am going through lately and since this shit happened, it's been 11 weeks, ELEVEN FUCKING WEEKS! What am i supposed to fucking do!?!
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