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An open and honest reflection on the day to day life of teenage super spy
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Back down from Cloud 9!!! I am Home!!!

Posted July 16th, 2014 at 11:45 AM by Matt_97

Hi guys, loads to talk about so hold onto your seats because its gonna be a bumpy ride!! Two days ago i got back from the best 2 weeks of my life in India!!! Gotta say it was one the maddest and most life changing experiences i have ever lived though. But even through my own self reflection i can see that the trip has changed me.

So where do i start well Delhi (as the capital of the country) was something special. The place for one has a very unique smell. But we arrived on the night and had some fun with the taxis. Our group of 11 split off into 3 separate taxis. The taxi driver assured us he knew where our hotel was, but as we left the airport he ushered the other taxi driver to go past, so clearly he was going to follow him... So he lied to us and he didn't have a clue where he was going but it wouldn't have been a problem but neither did the other taxi driver. So we ended up being driver all over the place trying to find our hotel... He suddenly took us down this alley way!! So the teacher in our taxi shout at him "No this is wrong" she assumed the worst and told him to take us back to the airport at once!!! So we were taken back to the airport. But we had lost one of the taxis, we had no idea where 4 of our team members were!!! We then used a different taxi company to try and get us there. The driver this time seemingly knew where he was going and took us along the road with confidence. He then turned into another back alley way, but just before the teacher was about to scream at this taxi driver we saw our missing students at the hotel. It became clear that the hotel was at a join of two back streets the other being the one the original driver took us down. This all happened not an hour after we landed, so you can imagine our first impressions of the place. That was night one.

The following morning we were picked up just up the road from our hotel. But first a) I puked on the steps of the hotel and b) we had to battle our way through child street beggars - one was with his little sister who had her skull caved in, but the sad thing is he probably did it to her himself in an attempt to get more sympathy money out of people. We were soon on our private bus and away from the hotel. But we soon arrived at traffic trying to get out of Delhi. That was chaotic but it did give us the chance to see a load of shanty homes and towns. It was a major culture shock and made me realise how lucky i actually am. After an 8 hour coach journey we arrived in the mountainous town of Nainital.

We spent the next two nights in Naintal. I even managed to do a bit of shopping and bought some fake Ray-Bans for what would equal 90pence. After Nainital we did a small trek to Mountain Quail Camp further up into the foothills of the Himalayas. We spent 4 nights at Mountain Quail Camp as we undertook the project phase of our expedition. Our project was working on adding guttering and building a rubbish furnace at a small house in this remote village. We had an amazing time there, we even had some spare time with the kids and played a number of games, for example Hot Potato, What's The Time Mr Wolf, Cricket, The Hokey Kokeky.

For the following 3 days we were then on trek. The first day we walked 15km and reached an altitude of 7,000 feet. The second day we walked 19km and dropped to 6,000 feet. The third day we walked 10km downhill to 1,500 feet. The trek was so much hard work. My bag was full and absolutely killed my shoulders. We also walked through some pretty leech filled places, so we were constantly flicking leeches off our boots to prevent being bitten. It was a lot of hard work.

The last part of our trip was the rest and relaxation phase of the trip. It involved a Safari, an overnight sleeper train and visiting the Taj Mahal. All of it was so lovely and has created some of the most amazing memories.

But this is the bit of the trip that got me the most. We arrived back in Delhi 16 hours before we were due back at the airport so we were staying in the same grotty hotel again along that awful back alley. We approached the alley way in our bus but thats as far as he could take us so we had to walk. But the alley way looked different. I noticed a lovely looking restaurant on the corner, there wasn't as much of a bleakness that i saw on the first day when we arrived and when we left the morning after. The hotel even appeared to be further up the street than i last remember. There also wasn't a step outside the hotel this time which was peculiar since i do remember puking all over one!! Even the rooms in the hotel looked different, there was lovely clean bed linen, air conditioning and even a flat screen tv. But we asked the guy at the reception if the rooms had been redecorated since we were last there, but he said "no, but ever room has clean bedding put after every visit". But no it wasn't the hotel that had changed it was our perception of the place. We arrived in such a fowl mood and the trip changed us.

The two weeks have taught me a number of things, but one thing in particular: Don't always look at bad things - look at things and see them for what they are and not for what you seem the as. Thanks for reading guys. Have a great day.
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