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Six/Seven Bad day.

Posted January 7th, 2014 at 10:47 PM by LouBerry

I forgot to blog yesterday, surprise surprise. It was the first day back to school and it sucked enormously. But, that's alright. I spent the first hour after I got home playing with my niece, Madi, and then for two hours after that, I did a bible study. Our new youth pastor is going to assign us new chapters each week to study for Sundays discussions and so on. This week is Genesis 1-11 and Job 1-14

Genesis turned out to be so amazing, I couldn't believe it. I've read it a thousand times, sure, but I've never really studied it, you know? I missed so much! Definitely a great thing.

On a darker note, as I was doing say study, Logan texted me. Eventually it got to the "What are you doing" part of the conversation. So I told him. Logan is an atheist. And he's one of the mean ones. At first, he just asked why I was doing it on Monday and about my discussion partner and stuff, but he got rude in a hurry. He started picking at the things I said, and then looked up verses on the internet to use against me. Obviously, that wasn't the wisest choice, because I could break that down and explain what it really meant, but no matter what, he kept on. It's not my nature to enter into confrontations willingly, and honestly I feel sorry for Logan for not having what I have, so I was never mean, never angry. I took time before replying to think about his points and try to understand them from his point of view, which wasn't hard because I mean, it's some sketchy stuff to believe in sometimes. The harder I tried to be kind to him, the harsher he was to me. Eventually he needed to go do something so he said we'd continue our debating today, and I told him no, and told him that I was a bit disgruntled by his behavior towards me. He said that surely I could understand his hostility, and I said that no, I could not, and that I knew what was wrong, that he was angry with God, and that I understood that, and then asked him however if turning away from God and mocking Him made him any happier. He knew I had him there, so all he said was, "It's better than being a bigot." So I said, "I'm afraid you still are. What's the difference between me thinking I'm right over you, and you thinking you are right over me, Logan? The only one I see is that I want to understand why you think what you do, and try to see your point, while all you are doing is mocking me and trying to rip my opinion to shreds. If that makes me the bigger bigot, then I'm not ashamed."

Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant conversation. He never replied, and things we a little rocky for the first part of school, but we got over it soon enough. Ugh, it still sucked. And he kind of ignored me to hang out with this underclassman, Sarah, who is in our Pre-Cal class. So, instead of letting it upset me, I just hung out with Jake instead. I think I like Jake better anyway. We aren't as close as Logan and I are, but he's more enjoyable to be around, and he doesn't treat me like Logan does. I mean, there's the same playful insulting and jokes and stuff, because that's just what we all do, but Jake doesn't act like I'm stupid or mock me and when we talk about something, he actually listens to what I'm saying. Plus, Jake's going to college with me next year, and he's the only one out of any of our friends, so we're going to need each other around.

So, that's enough about that, now here's the fun part of my day today. *insert heavy sarcasm

A pipe busted in the band room and since it was after the band classes were done and the teacher was gone to the other campus to teach middles school, no one realized it had happened for four hours. It was last hour and I was right next door to the band room for vocal music, and I get to the arts building and most of the administration, all of the janitors, and a few random people that do not work for the school were just kind of standing there in shock. It was even creeping through to the music room. The band room was a lake. Ankle deep water, everywhere.

So, in order to get the water up, they were going to have to do all kinds of things, so all of the percussion instruments had to be moved into the choir room. Well, the man came over to tell us to move to one side of the room, so they could bring the instruments and things in. It took me half a second to process what he was saying and then I was up out of my chair running. These people had never seen a timpani in their life, and they definitely didn't realize how delicate some of the instruments could be. I run through the door, and a lady had dropped the biggest timpani on it's side, and broken the lock on the wheel, so it wouldn't stay up. So, I just walked over like I owned the place and started giving directions. And it was hilarious. They were are just completely uneasy about the equipment and when I started moving things, they just went back to messing with the water and let me do what needed to be done. I moved every instrument, stand, chair, holder, flip-folder, box, practice book, and accessory that we own from one room to the other. I was there all last hour and stayed for an hours and a half after school. It was horrible. I cried, looking at our band room. I know it will be all cleaned up soon, but we have a small band, only like 26-30 kids. And we are all incredibly close, a little family. So the band room is kind of a home away from home, and here it is underwater, and there are strangers touching our things and it was just horrible. Absolutely horrible. I'm still not all the way calmed down, and every time I get on Facebook I start crying again, because my band-mates are just really distressed and it sounds silly but it's really important to us.
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