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Help! There's Far Too Many Hot People!!

Posted January 5th, 2014 at 09:24 PM by Matt_97

Well todays story comes from when I was trying to re-draft/re-write my English Language and English Literature Coursework.

I was procrastinating, as you do, because i just wasn't very motivated at all. Anyways i was on instagram looking through pictures of hot guys, as you do when you're trying to put off work. Anyways i came across two incredibly hot, and i mean fwaaaa' hot not just oh they're hot i mean full on like i was crying for help kinda hot, gay guys from the UK.

And after i was done drooling over them, i kinda looked through my own instagram and reminded myself of how ugly i was. Well i was more or less comparing how their instagram profiles were like an advert for the best thing out there. Then there's mine, which might i say has gotten better recently just some of the images just don't belong there like the colour contrast and all that, which is honestly like a panflet for some horrible disease. Yes i do suffer from one horrible disease, which is totally incurable, manageable, but incurable, its horrific; its called hideousness or in medical terms 'ugliness' or 'unattractiveness'.

Anyways i'm not letting it get to me, i mean i followed them so i can keep getting little bursts if happiness when i see how hot they look in any new photos they upload (stalker much?) but i'm not gunna let it get me down. I'm not gunna lie i have been called attractive before and been winked at a couple of time (oh thats a fun story for another day entiled "Department Store Sales Assistant") so i'm just gunna assume that either
a)all these people need their eye sight testing
b)they were winking or talking to someone behind me
or C) they're utterly mad and can't tell the difference between a hot and ugly person

This time there was no moral lesson in my blog post, thought i'd do something differnet and see if it was easier. It was, i like that. Now i'll let you get back on with your daily life and i can get back to drooling over those two guys, help seriously i may just collapse if i see anymore hotness.
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