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Me, October & the Season of Crystal Roses

Posted November 6th, 2013 at 03:07 AM by Joshua D. Boggess

hey VT-ers, this is me lol. I've written a lot in my free time and I think I want to be a writer. The things I write are better than this tho lol so don't shake y'all heads so soon, this is just my mind vomiting whatever I want/ need to get out.

I have recently started a book which I plan to try and get published, eventually (:, and I'm not positive about the title but so far October & the Season of Crystal Roses best suits it. There's another book that I've been working on but I feel that it is more challenging to write than this one. I'd like to see if my writing style is at a level where it'd attract readers I guess before pursuing Humdar's Warp (the more challenging to write of the two). The title 'Humdar's Warp' doesn't quite speak to me as well as it used to when I started it in the 7th grade. From then to now the story has also drastically improved as it has evolved simultaneously with my writing skills over the past 6 years.

October & the Season of Crystal Roses is a story about a 17 yo LGBT youth Jonathon. He's just moved across the country and is going into his junior year in a completely new and unfamiliar environment. The book is meant to showcase a delicate period in his life focused on his coming out and the struggles LGBT youth face in the present day America. He himself is gay but I realize the importance of incorporating common experiences/ struggles of lesbian, bi, trans, cys gender, gender queer and otherwise queer and/ or questioning youth. The book may unintentionally exclude pansexual or otherwise non-heterosexual elements which I apologize for in advance. The reason for this is simply that I currently lack a complete understanding of certain sexualities or ways of self-identifying. I would like seriously hate myself if I wrote about such things incorrectly and unintentionally offended those individuals that it pertains to. I'm rambling again lol its a good thing that I do a lot of editing when writing my stories XD.

Anywho, October & the Season of Crystal Roses draws from many parts of my life and experiences for inspiration. It has (purposefully and necessarily) become very emotionally charged for me, complicating the process, but other than that the only real obstacle it presents to me is writing at a professional level. Its only around twenty pages thus far and I've hope for it. It is very clear to me that I have improved immensely in terms of writing capabilities. At the same time I acknowledge that I'm only eighteen and that I've years of growth ahead of me.

Writing is something that I've become passionate about which is the main reason I decided to update my blog on here. As for me and my life in general, my mother, sister Lindsay, and I have all moved into our new house in Colorado a couple weeks ago from the cramped apartment. My relationship with both of them has recently deteriorated which has caused me a good amount of grief but I'm sure it'll blow over. I have come back on my diet again as well. I've plateaued between 256 and 266 lbs for months and a week ago my weight had spiked upto 270.4 lbs. I've re-motivated myself and dropped down to 263 lbs again. This time I plan on getting past the 250 lb barrier and dropping into the 230s/ 240s. I'm 6'2'' and my ultimate weight goal is between 200 and 220 lbs. For those just starting my blog, first of all hello and secondly thankyou . My journey to lose weight began over a year ago now. I had reached over 330 lbs and through my hard work, determination, (and being Christian I credit God as well) and my qurky, strong willed self I have lost over 67 lbs overall.

As a side note, I've noticed the little note saying that VT is taking applications for moderators and I'm conflicted about whether or not to apply. I believe that I have a lot to offer and I'm very active in supporting both LGBT and non LGBT youth (I'm going to volunteer tutoring at an elementary soon). My greatest issue is how little I'm on VT. I don't see myself as being a very valuable or effective moderator for this reason. And that's me thx again everyone and y'all have an amazing day

Sidenote!! my school won the Katy Perry lip dub contest on GMA and the concert was amazing
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