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Chapter 3 of Shape-Shifting

Posted January 7th, 2010 at 02:05 PM by Quick_Sylver
Updated January 7th, 2010 at 07:45 PM by Quick_Sylver

NOTE-As I have writers' block, the chapters may come quickly, or slowly, it all depends on whether I can edit them well enough for VT.

Chapter 3

The guard tapped Gasper’s bars, “Get up.” Gasper stood up fluidly, letting his panther reflexes push him up into a defensive crouch, then sliding to his full 6 feet of height. The guard blinked.

Gasper smiled, “Didn’t realize how tall I was?”

“No. I thought you’d be harder to wake up.” The guard responded. “Although, now that you mention it, you are quite tall.”

“I wasn’t asleep. And the height comes from being a cat. All cats are quite tall, but we coil our bodies so we seem more natural.” Gasper told the guard.

“You give a good impression of sleeping. What were you doing if you weren’t sleeping? From what I hear your lot is quite exclusive. ” The guard quizzed Gasper as he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and prepared to place it in a slab of rock. “Back up.”

Gasper did as he was bid, replying, “I was in a trance called Sherame, it’s an ancient form of meditation that only the strongest telepaths are allowed to even attempt, or use.”

The guard placed the paper in the stone, which melted and opened into an antechamber. “Wait in there until I come and get you,” the guard said gruffly.

Gasper nodded, not trusting himself to speak. ‘Susanna is nearby. But where?’ The not knowing hurt more than he’d care to admit, even to himself.

In the next room, the guard bowed to Jessica and the Dark Master. “He is calm. But after I left him in the chamber, his thoughts went straight to the girl. May I ask how she is?” he reported hesitantly.

“Only she can answer that. However she hasn’t regained consciousness yet. I think she’s in a trance of some sort. Did you get anything out of him?” said the Dark Master.
“I received some knowledge from him. ‘Sherame’ is a trance—“the guard broke off as Jessica hissed.

“He was in ‘Sherame’?” she demanded.

“Ye-Yes” the guard stuttered.

“’Sherame’ is a dangerous trance. Only the strongest telepaths can even enter it and most of them can barely stay in it long enough for them to register that they were in it.” She told the Dark Master, who leaned back with a thoughtful look on his face.

The Dark Master stood up and went over to the couch where Susanna lay curled up in a ball. “She looks like her mother, but she has her father’s face. Are you sure they’re soul-mates?” He asked softly, tracing her cheekbone.

“I saw the look on her face when Tobias took out Gasper.” Jessica replied tartly.

“Bring him in; and Jessica? I could never love another but I’ll never forget Jehnova Shrema.” The Dark Master spoke these words with a light wistfulness. “Besides she’s been gone for 10-11 years now? I would have thought you would have been over that jealousy by now.”

The guard left the room silently. He came back a few minutes later leading Gasper who, upon seeing Susanna, fell to the floor. “No…no…no…” he said, the pain clearly audible in his voice.

The Dark Master studied Gasper for a few minutes before saying, “You obviously know what’s wrong with her. Would you care to enlighten us upon it? All I did was break her contact with her powers and she became comatose.”

Gasper laughed bitterly, “She’s been invoked. It happened because she denied something that was true, and it backfired. It may never have happened had she been left at base. Gage, the idiot, sent her after me. Let her go back to Jahvo and I’ll bring her out of it, I swear I’ll do whatever you want,” he pleaded.

The Dark Master punched the wall and yelled, “Let her return to her father?! Tell me one good thing he’s done for her! Her mother died and her father, her father erased all her memories and replaced them with fakes! And you want me to let her go back to him? That will not happen!!”
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