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ex boyfriend drama. ugh.

Posted August 20th, 2009 at 09:31 AM by Fiending_the_freedom

It's strange.

Being in that awkward time of being caught in between an adult, and a teenager.

I'm trying my best.

Being put in these situations in which my immaturity is dying to come out, and of course sometimes it does.

At the moment, my ex is bitching to me about how he isn't invited to my party.

(that's right, the one that raped me)

Now, we have a lot of the same friends so i sort of see him often at parties, and a couple months ago i invited him and a girl he was seeing at the time to a party i had, because our friend was back for the weekend on leave from the army.

But that was a one time thing.

I do not enjoy being in his presence, I, personally think that is quite understandable.

But he goes off and bitches anyway.

Here is the conversation

hey thanks for inviting all of my friends to your party that you only know because of me, and then not allowing me to come, person who wants to be nice to me. I mean I've been nice to you for a really long time now, I don't see what the problem is but okay.

Jesus Brendan, its been a long time, how many times do i have to say, there are also my friends.

I don't think i have to make an excuse about inviting people i like, i invited a bunch of my friend to my party and some of them happen to be some of your friends too, that's what that is.

I don't mind being civil to you, I'm not going to go out of my way to be mean to you, but i think it's pretty reasonable not inviting my ex to my party, like that should be the end of it.


haha okay well you're a cunt, peace bitch.

Oh i see you've matured since we've last argued. Awesome.
You have parties, a lot of my friends go, i dont cry and bitch about it.

I don't have parties, I had one in the summer, if you wanted to you could have come i really wouldn't have cared....

Not the point Brendan,
I just don't understand why its a big deal that i don't want my ex at my house.
Especially when you still act as immature as ever.

Lol even though you've invited me to a party before. I mean jokes on you because a lot of the people don't even really like you and are just looking for a party. I'm immature? Take a look at your life.

My life? Ok I don't even know what that is suppose to mean, but whatever. Can We please just stop this conversation? There is nothing left to talk about.

I tried my best to hold in all the insults I had running through my mind.

psh, my life immature? I'm not the twenty year old whining to his

17 year old ex girlfriend because he has nothing else to do that night.

What really kinda hurt me though is that when I told Owen how Brendan was going around saying he's coming to my party, knowing hes uninvited, he said "why don't you just let him come? such stupid drama" and i told him i don't like being around him i think that's pretty simple.

like i recently told Owen about the rape so it hurt me to think that he thinks I'm just creating drama.

I don't know I'm in a weird mood right now.

I can't tell if I'm sad, but i think i am.

Yesterday i was in this place too, and i got out of it by distracting myself but now I'm all alone and it's all seeping out.
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    AutumnDae's Forum Picture
    Exes are just.....ugh. Never understand that you don't want to be near them again, do they?

    I suggest just either ignoring his calls/texts/ims or whatever, and if you MUST. Just say: "The fact is is that I don't enjoy your company, nor do I want you at a party I'm throwing. Thanks for understanding."
    Posted August 20th, 2009 at 09:37 AM by AutumnDae AutumnDae is offline

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