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How to Piss-off Black People in 1 Easy Step: Piss 'em off!

Posted April 15th, 2009 at 04:27 PM by Vermillion

Well some days or nights ago I wrote an entry on how stressful and horrifying it was to have one of my friends attempt suicide whilst I was on the phone. Read that one below if you wish (I reccomend you do, too, in order to understand the full gravity of it all).
Now this entry will indeed piss you off. Make sure that the vicinity that you sit is void cute, fluffy kittens and/or walls. You will want to punch something, I swear it on my life that you will.

Let's jump back to Monday morning at school. This was the day that my friend almost killed himself, and the day that I had awakened to a pillow still moist from that terrible night. Looking to try to move past it all, I got dressed and did the whole shebang and then I was at school. In order to gain thoughts on the matter, I told a friend of mine, Tyler (Note the use of the word "friend" here), what happened. He, in essence, explained how he understands how I feel because he too went through something similar. We finished breakfast and chatted for about 10 minutes more before 1st period class started. Sixty minutes later, the bell rang for gym class. Now, at that moment my mind was still in a state of sleeplessness and anxiety as the emotional toll of that night was great, so I had even more difficultly falling asleep than usual. Gym class. Lisa.

Let me tell you about Lisa. She's a girl of Vietanamese decent about 4ft 5in tall. She is small and tends to be harsh about many things, but in a flirty way. That day though, I swear, I wanted to grab he by the neck and drown her.

We were all sitting in the bleachers, and she gives me a friendly "Hello". We exchange a few more words, I don't remember them exactly, but eventually told her what happened.

And, mark this as I will never forget, after I finished telling her, the happiest look of glee grew on her face from ear to ear like a rotten cancer, her laughter felt like the joyful screams of demons if they were to ever be heard. Inside, a fire was lit and had it not been for my lack of sleep, I probably wouldn't have access to a computer right now if you catch my drift.

Man, I was astounded. Lisa, the one person in that class period who KNEW how much friends meant to me, who KNEW that I have hardly any capacity to hate or to harm, who KNEW that I even cared about my enemies (Preston much...), stood there and laughed in my face with her hand up to her mouth. "WHAT?!" I exclaimed. "It's just sooo funny! Ha ha ha! It's because Im always in pain a lot so I guess when something REALLY bad happens to someone else, I find it-- HA HA HA." Haf I been in my right mind at the moment, I would've choked'a'bitch.

Then came lunch, where I sit at a table with Lisa and some of her friends. These people included Lisa herself, Tony, Mike, Nathan, and another Tony who's real name is Do (Pronounced Dough). She told them what happened and guess what? They all laughed. They all laughed as if it were something only--

Let me stop here and get to the point, as I fear the fire from within will melt my keys before I have a chance reach my whole idea: Tony, a catholic, mind you, told me through his tears of joy "Its funny because its not up to you to decide his fate".

And that was funny, folks. Sure, the sick ass, selfish bastard was right, but he doesn't realize that there are people out there, many people, who have human hearts and will not stand by if they have a chance at saving a life. I am one of those people, even if you're a stranger, I will help you if needed be. "Oh, Im catholic so I know that its not my job to care about my friend if he kills himself" is what the twisted mouth said to me. What the disgusting, rich, and filthy don't realize that--

I'm done now.
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    Antares's Forum Picture
    lol, thats stupid. they need help
    Posted April 17th, 2009 at 05:25 PM by Antares Antares is offline

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