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The Young and the Exhausted

Posted April 12th, 2009 at 01:05 AM by Vermillion

So it's been a long, rough road and uh... Well, I took a vacation from... Myself? I guess? I don't really know how to put what I've been doing these past few months into legible, human words, however I'll give it shot by presenting such information in chronological order:

1) I began to date a guy whose 17, named Daniel, and who lives in California. I live in Texas, so it was obviously from the beginning that a) We wouldn't last and that b) It was gonna be difficult. Long story short, he broke up with me after 1 month, claiming that I was too clingy (Yeah, I also assumed that he forgot about the 1000 miles between us). Yeah, it was total bull, but it turns out that he just didn't like me as much as he though he did. I'm still somewhat sad from it, as I miss having someone to call but the break up isn't too much of an issue. Let's say that I decided to date him in the first place as a means of "social expirimentation": What will happen if an overly sensitive person, me, and an overly douchebaggy person, Daniel, would date?

2) Remember Preston? Ha, oh boy, if not then read my other blog posts. Long story short, after ANOTHER period of trying to make things right between he and I, there came an ultimatum: I, Caleb Woods, pimp slapped the shit outta him. Long story short, I told him that he and I couldn't be friends because he was pushing my buttons like hell. Then one day in lunch, he made the mistake of elbowing me as I walked by his table. I slapped the shit outta him, and then got in his "perfect", frightened face and said, "If you ever touch me again, I swear that I will kick your ass." He could only mutter calm down, effortlessly, as his 16-bit brain attempted to process WTF just knocked him senseless.

In all reality though, hurting him hurt me terribly. Had it not been for the crazy adrenaline rush, I doubt that I would've been able to function properly for the rest of that day. Sure, he was a total dick to him. Sure, I toterated how he abused me for years, and sure, he threatened to kill me. But you know what? I'm glad that I never gave up on him until when I absolutely had too, because through these years of torment, I allowed myself to get a closer look at the terrible capacity of the human soul that, in this instance, was intertwined with human love and utter stupidy that, if it were not for my sheer will to sruvive and, not alone, I would probably be in an insane asylum.

I still want a BF, and this time, I'm aiming for a real life one and I know a few candidates, too. One of which I plan on talking to Monday, as the light is as green as my doody after three cans of Mountain Dew.

Lata' peeps.
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