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September 14th, 2010, 01:22 PM
this is a letter i wrote to a girl i met who was going through her first episode, it is a prelude to information that has improved my experience of schizophrenia to the point where not only is it no longer unpleasant but most of the time keeps life pleasantly interesting.

I hope it can help you as well.

if you are going through what i think you are, then there is a body of information that has helped me sooo reduclicously much and that i am ever gratfull to have learnt.
i am hesitant to send this because there is so much that you need to know, writing it down is not at all a good way of sharing it. i also dont know if something i say, or don't communicate properly will have a negitive impact on you. i know that *absolute* truth can never harm anyone just like *pure* love is never painful. so i can only hope that my limited telling of this infomation is close enough to get you started, or at least closer to real truth than has been revealed to you before.

i think, that like me, you can comunicate with spirits, hear or see or feel what others cannot. you have probably been told that this is an illness? that there is something wrong with you and its bad.
but you know there is more to it than that.

people in our position are very "open" in a spiritual sence. we have the gift of recieving infomation from non phisical entities and this is a gift, but
in your current condtion it is also a vulnerability. i went through this and i can see it in you, you are open to a degree that is not benifical, there is too much "chatter" and not enough of you. if that makes sense. there are beings... taking advantage of your condtion and ability to percieve them and in doing so not respecting your right to be you.
this is is an unloving act, breaking the law of free will and thoes people (spirits) doing so will pay a penalty for it.

just like on earth, in the spirit world there are all different types of people. from hate filled retches whos existances are hellish
to briliant and beautyful beings who have developed vast love (which causes the brilance and beauty). the best method of gauging who you should or should not pay attention to is by feeling their
emotional condtion.

what do they feel like?

(practicing feeling you own emotions is both a hugely benifical spiritual technique and a necessary stepping stone for feeling the emotions of others)

keep in mind that love is *the* controling force in the universe.

i dont know without talking to you but it is quite likely you are attracting some quite nasty fellows, (i did) trickster types who delight in confusing, and making you believe in lies. from their position they can see your thoughts and emotions and will say what ever they want to maninulate the unwary. so it is important to be able to feel who's good and who's not.
you cannot rely on what they sound like or look like or what they say. this can be faked.

it is the condition of your soul (usually the emotions stored inside you often from events years ago)
that dictate who you attract to you. (both living people on earth and people in the spirit world) this is true for everyone on earth,
not just thoes who can directly percieve whats going on.
so learning how to heal theese injuries is vitally important. this changes your entire law of attraction in terms of everything not just people.
this is something (healing emotional injuries) i wont go into now, because it is complicated and not something i am verry good at.

******************************************************************************** ************************************
by far the most important thing i can start to teach you is how to directly comunicate with and recieve help from the all loving creator, god.
i dont know what your current perspective is on god, or religion, but let me be clear this is not some unknown faith without proof read the bible go to church drivel.
this is an experiement you can do and if done ernestly you will know within yourself that god is there, responding to you.

first you need to know how to talk to him/her. (god has both masculine and feminine qualities, some times you will feel his love other times hers.)

you have your phisical body. you also have a spirit body, which is what you live on with after you die and also what you dream with. then you also have your soul which contains all your emotions, passions, desires etc.

it is your soul which you need to use to talk to god. what you need to do is create a desire to recieve gods love. it is like a longing from your soul to god's soul to recieve the gift of divine love.
divine love is a gift that god wants to give us all but won't force apon us, it need only be asked for and it will be given.
when i say create this desire it is important to know that it cannot be faked, notice when you are lying to yourself and to god. god knows exactly what is going on inside you and any pretending will prevent the connection.
another gift god can give in the same way is divine truth, which is absolute truth, and can only come from god. no human can give divine truth or divine love, they are gifts that must come directly from god.

did you feel something when you tried this? if not then it only means i am not a verry good teacher and havn't explained properly.

******************************************************************************** ************************************


this website is maintained by the person i learnt this infomation and much more from. (A dude named A.J. Miller)

i strongly recomend you check it out. try to find the audio of
the secrets of the universe talk. its a good place to start. "the padgett messages" are also great and can be found in full on the site.

it comes down to: you are in for a rough ride, but there is help available. i cannot help you as much as you need, no spiritual teacher can. but god can and will.