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May 18th, 2010, 12:31 PM
me and my boyfriend have known each other for about 5 years now. he has bi-polar. for the most part i can deal with everything. it seems lately we have just been falling appart. he doest have a lot of friends around where we live, so he use's sites and games to interact with people. but it would be 12 to 15 hours at a time.he probably goes to bed at 7 in the morning because he is up all night talking to people he will never meat. but when i ask him hey do you want to play a game or watch a tv show with me just some alone time its like im asking the world sometimes because he doesnt want to stop being on the computer.so i brung it up to him that he has been on the computer a whole lot latly and he argued.then he said when he gets up he's on the computer and waits for me to ask him to clean. he cleans for about a hour. goes back to the computer and waits for diner to be done and eats and then gets back on the computer. well he said he would work on it. then the next day we were busy painting the house and he got on right after we were done.well i went to bed and i woke up at 3 in the morning and he was still on the computer so i said honey do you want to watch a movie with me and he said no. so then i asked him when he was going to bed.he said he didnt know.well i said to him you have been on for 8 hours i think its time to get off and sped some time with me.well he said i will just delete all the programs off the computer and i wont get on anymore. he know that everytime he says something like that it feels like since i said something about it im taking it away so then i say no its ok. should i just give in to where he makes me feel bad, or say no. it isnt just the internet things he likes to hold over me. im not sure if this is his bi-polar i new with it sort of.i would just like some help and salutions..please and thank you.


May 18th, 2010, 12:38 PM
Sounds to me like he is addicted to video games. I don' think it's bi polar. Just anti-social and isolating himself to indulge in gaming and chatting. I have been addicted to the computer though I still am I find time to do other things in life besides the computer. Maybe you could try talking to him and how his addiction to the computer is making you feel and maybe you two can work out a time schedule where he hangs out with you and when he's allowed on the computer. Good luck and i hope everything works out for you.

May 18th, 2010, 01:29 PM
thanks for your advice it was needed. i will have a talk with him about it .thank you very much.have a great day

May 18th, 2010, 06:05 PM
Just out of curiosity, how old are you danielle?
Your story strikes me as odd, is all.

I would say he's addicted. All adicts need recovery, so I suggest that you get him to see a councellor and sort it out from there.

Good luck :)

May 27th, 2010, 02:59 AM
we are both 20 years old..

May 27th, 2010, 11:09 AM
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