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February 12th, 2010, 12:17 AM
Hi everyone,

So basically for the past year or so I have been hearing a voice (sometimes multiple.) They tell me to do things or something bad will happen, just simple things it usually pops up when I'm faced with a decision. But then other times I hear whispers when I pass something like an object.

Recently, I have started seeing dead people. I will pass an empty car and see the flash of a body in the seat, very crippled and decayed. Once one even banged on the window.

I also often feel hands grab at my feet as I try to sleep, like my bed is on a sea and there's people that want to come aboard...or bring me in.

Sometimes I get into these manic stages where I have racing thoughts that can't stop. It's often when I'm tired, when everyone else in the house is asleep and it's quiet and sometimes I'll be trying to sleep. I just sit up quickly in my bed sometimes my eyes roll back and I feel like I different person and I pretty much dream while I'm awake, awful horrid dreams of just racing nonsense and grotesque images. I remember being like this but feel I was watching a different person, it wasn't me. I started writing while this happens, here's an example:

"It's the only thing that keeps the dead away. The hands that grab at my feet as I sleep. The bodies that haunt into empty cars. They try to shut me up we argue their eyes watch. They try to block out the truth, nothing compares to the horror. When I was five it grabbed me, like that. It was the last time I remember feeling anything. It was before the wall was built I was vulnerable. The torture. I was in the back of a car van. There was a blanket below me I wasn't allowed to use only for looking but the airs freezing no. The same position for hours so tired no sleep or bad would happen. Its all my fault. In the end I guess I had to fall. Find my place. Whats wrong with me. Until I let it go. I'm always surrounded by death never before the wall was built. Death only makes the wall stronger. Joey died there was nothing. It started with Vanessa I killed her they don't know. Kaity almost got passed the wall I loved her I never see her I watched the truck come but what could've been done. Isn't it ironic that it took the death of the only person to break the wall to make me feel somewhat alive? It's over"

You can tell that I'm in a babbling trance in the middle and start to come out if it near the end. There's also a picture of my face, the eyes are sad and over my nose is written "EMOTION" with a brick wall where my mouth should be. There's arms reaching out of a dark abyss in front of my mouth reaching for the wall. But it seems to be protecting me.

I'm 16 years old in high school.

February 16th, 2010, 12:51 AM
if you think or are concerned you are Schizophrenic,then see a doctor, no one here can properly diagnose you. i'd say go to a doctor by what you said ASAP and well tell them what you posted. this is the way to get help, and to stop voices and etc. they can give you meds, and it will amek you feeel better. PM me f you ever need me

February 20th, 2010, 10:25 AM
Bro I know the feeling I dont have it this bad but this isnt normal Schizo this is ALOT more! From what I can tell it might be something like the past. Like spirits of the dead. I dont know I see dead people but they never touch me. Maybe you're being haunted. Watch paranormal activiy it might help :/ but that's all I can tell you so seek help.