View Full Version : Changes in signature pictures

December 6th, 2009, 01:53 PM
As requested by many, there are tighter restrictions on signature pictures. All member accounts can only have one picture no bigger than 400 x 125 pixels and have a maximum of 4 smilies in a signature.

One major change is that pictures must be uploaded to the server directly and IMG BB code will no longer work in signatures. That has not changed for posts - it only applies to signatures. If the picture you want to upload is bigger than 400 x 125 pixels vBulletin will attempt to resize it automatically but if you have trouble with that you may have to resize it yourself.

Pictures can be uploaded and inserted on the edit signature page (http://www.virtualteen.org/forums/profile.php?do=editsignature). If you had a picture in your signature before today you must now upload it using the new method.

Any questions send me a PM.