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October 22nd, 2009, 07:12 PM
Heyy! Im LuvsandHugs im 13 and i am sooo glad i found a forum like this! Here's a lil bit bout my self:

First name?: ilda :p (i hate it)
Middle name?: surprisingly i dont hav 1
Like your name?: Ill tell later
Named after anyone?: no im like the only ilda there is
Any nicknames?: some but they arent so appropriate :)
Age?: 13
Birthdate?: August 10 1996
Birthplace?: Fier, Albania
Time you were born?: idk
Current location?: Some where in the USA
Height?: 5'3" :( i wish i was taller
Like your height?: uhhhh read the height thingy
Eye color?: Brown
Contacts/glasses?: nope
Hair color?: brown
Natural hair color?: brown
Dye your hair often?: nope
Righty or lefty?: righty

Type of music?: Pop or Rock (i listen to ne thing cept country)
Band or singer?: dARI and lady GAGA
TV show?:
Movie?: 3 metri sopra il ceilo
TV channel?: Fuse
Radio station?: star 102.1
Place to be?: the roof of my barn (wow i sound soooo redneck)
Thing to do?: talk or txt
Food?: ne thing wit patatoes or mushrooms
Non alcoholic drink?: milk
Alcoholic drink?: uhhhhh ive never had one of those
Animal?: cow (theyre so cute!)
Holiday?: Halloween BOO!
Season?: Summer
Sport?: i dont like sports but i play tennis
Place to shop?: Wallmart HAHA jk i rely dont hav a fave store
Clothing brand?: i dont hav 1
Scent?: citrus
Restaurant?: Gondeliers
Fruit?: Kiwi
Vegetable?: Patatoes or mushrooms
Fast food restaurant?: taco bell
Pizza topping?: mushrooms
Ice cream flavor?: chocolate chip
Magazine?: vougue
City?: Florence
Color?: PURPLE!!!!
Number?: 13 (i hate 54 and ne thing in the 80s)

ok well thts me (well not rely but i dont want to type ne more) if u want to kno more bout me just ask. i mite answer if it isnt a creepy question. well ok then..................bye!:)

October 22nd, 2009, 07:15 PM
Hello. :)
I'm Lawrence.

I see you like Vogue. lol

I hope you enjoy it here