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October 19th, 2009, 04:22 PM
Going to my out-patient therapist next week and I think I'm going to bring him this:

Symptom: Unfounded fears of contracting a dreadful illness
Symptom: Excessive concerns about dirt, germs, contaminants
Symptom: Abnormal concerns about sticky substances or residues
Symptom: Need to align objects just so
Symptom: Abnormal concerns about the neatness of one's personal appearance/environment
Symptom: Fear of losing something or discarding something
Symptom: Repeating routine activities for no logical reason
Symptom: Repeating questions over and over
Symptom: Rewording or rewriting words or phrases
Symptom: Unfounded fears that one has failed to do some routine task
Symptom: The irrational fear of having hurt someone
Symptom: Rituals involving food
Symptom: Irrational fears that some foods are bad or must be avoided
Symptom: Excessive, ritualized hand-washing, showering, bathing, or tooth-brushing
Symptom: The feeling that household items are contaminated
Symptom: The need for symmetry and total order in one's environment
Symptom: The need to keep doing something until one gets it just right
Symptom: Accumulating useless objects
Symptom: Repeatedly checking to see if a door is locked or an appliance is turned off
Symptom: Checking and rechecking for mistakes
Symptom: Checking associated with bodily obsessions
Symptom: Pathological slowness in carrying out even the most routine activities
Symptom: Blinking or staring rituals
Symptom: Asking over and over for reassurance
Symptom: A feeling of dread if some arbitrary act is not performed
Symptom: The need to ask, tell or confess
Symptom: The need to touch, tap or rub certain objects repeatedly
Symptom: Counting compulsions
Symptom: Excessive list making
Comments: Paranoia, problem with surprises and not knowing things.

This really serious? I have this many symptoms. My god. I don't need ANOTHER mental disorder to deal with. It's just to the point that I can't fully participate in school and in gym because of these symptoms.

October 23rd, 2009, 08:33 PM
I have all but about three of those symptoms.

October 24th, 2009, 02:38 PM
Try not to fret over it.
I find myself experiencing many of those you have just listed too.

Show this to a professional and they'll take it from there. They will offer the help and support you need to get you back on track, rather than obsessing and worrying over the symptoms mentioned, along with these rituals interfering with your life on a whole.