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June 10th, 2009, 04:03 PM
If you are having problems with members contacting you from VT outside of VirtualTeen.org you can now report them. This is for when you are getting messages -over email or instant messaging- that make you feel uncomfortable in any way.
(Please note that being constantly talked to when you don't want to talk back does not count.)

Previously we have not got involved due to members giving out contact information in order to talk away from VT, and willingly engaging in conversation without being solicited. However, if someone is causing a problem, we have the right to investigate.

We cannot promise that something will be done but this helps the staff identify when there is a case where one certain member has been a problem more than once.

You can either report a member via the report system - preferably the message where they have asked for your contact details. Or you can send a private message to a member of staff. In your report include how long you have been talking to them outside of VT and the specific reason for reporting them.
***When you report someone remember that screenshots of the conversations will need to be provided to take the appropriate action. Copy and pasting alone cannot be trusted.***

Before reporting someone you must remember that they may not realise exactly how badly they are making you feel. So, when you find yourself in this kind of situation, you should remember to do the following:
-Let the person you are talking to know how they are making you feel
-Give them a chance to stop and apologise
-If they continue, warn them that you are about to block or stop replying
-Then block or don't reply if it still continues and let a member of the senior staff know about the situation.

Of course, the easiest thing to do is to prevent someone from getting your details in the first place. If you have information on your profile, you'll have to expect that other members will use it. You should only advertise information that you don't mind being used, for example, give an email address that you don't use as often. Only give information or add people if you know who they are and if you actually want to talk to them. We recommend getting to know them a better through our PMing system, before you take things away from VT.