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Viral Death
March 22nd, 2009, 10:10 PM
Well I am in a relationship with this girl I really dont like but I am really nice so I said yes. Well this girl that is in 9th and I am in 7th and we are friends. Well I am deeply in love with her. I am leading her on to let her know that I like her buy giving her hints on who I like. But I am scared to let her know:(. I want to go out with her and I heard rumors that she likes me. I get nervous when we hangout. I try to act cool to get her attention and I turn into a goof. So the last time we hung out was at her house with her brothers and her friend (also a friend of mine). I told her that I am going to see a movie for my birthday and I want to get close to her I am so scared what do I do?

March 22nd, 2009, 10:25 PM
Well, you're just nervous!!!

So basically, you really like this girl, or at by what you said it seems so. You're nervous around her because you want to impress her, or gain her trust. You're uneasy, and you really want to know that she likes you. To be honest, you should just ask her. If you know she likes you, you will be able to have a good relationship, and you'll feel comfortable around her. Go out, have fun, and don't worry. Once you do that, you're free.