View Full Version : Another "do I have it" thread...

January 18th, 2009, 09:50 PM
Sorry, I know you guys can't diagnose me, but I just want an opinion.

*I count my food peices. I eat 5 peices of everything. Or 5 bites. No more, no less. Which is kinda part of my ED

*If theres a speck of something on a table, shirt, chair, ect. I will try to scratch it off...or it will drive me insane.

*If I don't win something, I will have an anxiety attack. Like, we were playing charades, I lost....and I ran out screaming.

*I have to close the door in every room. I get paranoid if its open

*When I cut myself, the cuts have to be in line, all the same size, and an odd number....

*I won't drink out of a glass/can without a straw.

*I clean my laptop keyboard...even though I'm the only one who touches it.

*Everytime I paint my nails, I scratch it all off until its all gone. No speck gets left behind or it drives me crazy...

Theres more stuff I just can't think of. Do you think its OCD or more anxiety??? I'm supposed to get meds for anxiety on Wednesday.

January 18th, 2009, 11:17 PM
The differential for OCD Vs. being 'partcular' or finicky is what happens if you are prevented (or prevent yourself) from engaging in the ritual.

If you have OCD, the resulting agitation is unbearable to an extreme, the sufferer cannot really function until they *Do* whatever. It grossly impairs their ability to get on with life.

If you're finicky, there's a sense of disturbance b/c you've been prevented from doing the thing you like to do. It's uncomfortable, but you can still function, you can still get on with your life.

One is a learned reaction, a need to do something b/c you've learned it, the other is beyond your control and is overwhelming.

January 21st, 2009, 01:22 PM
Well, it sounds like you do but it's nothing to worry about, many many many people have some traits of OCD in one way or another.
It's nothing too serious either, I probably have worse problems than you :P but if it really drives you crazy then see a counsillor of some sort. OCD can take over our lives and interfere with a hellovalot, depending on how bad you have it but there is help available, sometimes.