View Full Version : New Features in 3.8.0

January 10th, 2009, 09:02 PM
Here's to highlight some of the new features in 3.8.0

Social Groups:

- New social group discussions.
Before, in social groups, messages were just one unorganized list of messages. Now, discussion threads can be created in social groups.

Although it appears in this upgrade, the transition caused all the previous messages to be merged into one thread to start with. There really wasn't much choice but for that to happen so I apologize if that causes a problem for anyone's group.

- Social group categories
Currently there are none but some predefined categories will be made when time permits.

-Social group subscriptions
Now you can subscribe to social groups. This may help you and others be more active in social groups since you get notification, rather than having to check every time to see if a post is made there.

-Social group icons
Social groups now have icons that can be uploaded by the group creator which will then show on the newly redesigned group page and profile pages.

- Transfer social groups
Social Groups can now be transferred between users. The group will only be transferred if the recipient accepts the transfer.

Private Messaging

-Report private messages
Private messages can now be reported the same way you report posts.

-Better private message searching
Private Messages can be filtered by Sender, Title, a given date period, and whether the message has been read or not.

-Quick reply
A new Quick Reply can be used to reply to PM's.

Those are the more noticeable ones. A complete list can be found here: