View Full Version : Private messages no longer completely private

October 1st, 2008, 06:20 PM
Its with great disappointment I must announce that the private messaging system is no longer completely private between the sender and the recipient. Due to the increase in the number of complaints from private messaging abuse, and the increase of members using this website to solicit explicit pictures and to webcam, this measure had to be taken.

Without this necessary measure, it is nearly impossible for administrators to enforce the rules and regulations because the private messaging system until now was a blind spot. Members have taken advantage of this blind spot but the administration is not willing to knowingly let this abuse happen without taking any kind of action.

Under what circumstances will administrators read private messages? Only when there is a reasonable suspicion that a member is abusing the private messaging system. Otherwise they will not be read.

The privacy policy will be updated and as always any questions or concerns can be forwarded to an administrator.

This wasn't a move taken lightly but the staff has a responsibility to keep Virtual Teen a safe place. I hope you all can understand this.