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July 13th, 2008, 03:11 AM
ok this is kinda weird but i hav ADHD and if im not on my meds i have these out bursts where i clench my fists and swear and feel veryy anxious and stuff. but when i am on my meds it kinda makes me depressed but i get depressed when im not on my meds too. so idk.

July 13th, 2008, 10:59 AM
I don't think you're supposed to get depressed on ADHD meds, maybe you're using the word incorrectly?

The loss of control you describe isn't there when you're on the meds b/c the meds help you to control the urges and impulses to do those things. It keeps things inside 'quieter', maybe it's that 'quiet' you're experiencing as 'depression'?

If it's not, if you're actually feeling depressed, then you should tell your doc ASAP, as he would need to assess that.