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Number Six
September 30th, 2015, 08:12 PM
I have used this site for my questions for maybe a year now, and I am now a member. Virtual Teen Forums has never lets me down. It helps answer my inquiries via others help and oppinions, and has sections where I can go to just have fun, find a good read, etc, etc.

The only thing is, I don't have a computer anymore, so I have to use my phone for the time being until I get a new one.

For me and others in this situation, I think this would be so great as an app for mobile device!

I want this to be an app...

I NEED this to be an app...

Anywho, that's my suggestion. I hope one day, for everyone, this dream is made a reality :)

September 30th, 2015, 09:45 PM
It is. You can use tapatalk.

September 30th, 2015, 09:49 PM
Like Feraligatr said, you can use Tapatalk, or even the mobile theme. However, I use the standard theme being a mobile user and find no issues with it. There are some flaws using either Tapatalk or the mobile theme which the standard theme doesn't, but to each his own.