View Full Version : 244 Days

Just JT
September 6th, 2015, 07:44 PM
244 days

That night you went out, didn't want you to go,
You went anyways,
I thought that was fuckin low.

It was supposed be me and you, the two of us together,
We were like brothers, supposed to be forever.

The morning light woke me, like a bucket of ice cold snow,
He handed me the rest of my life in that bucket, how were you to know?

Was New Years morning,
Was good cause to take warning

It wasn't all your fault, you knew no other way,
Maybe different if your own dad had given you the time of day.

You never knew what was going on,
all that time, I was treated as a pawn.

It's been that many days since I've said no!!!
Imagine what it would be like if I hadn't let you go

Instead you were selfish, wanted your own time
In reality, it was when you crossed that final white line

I never knew what it would be like,
But now I know, man we were tight.

It's been that long ago, we have somethings still in common,
my birth, your death, and the time of my gestation

I will always love you, and will Always hate you,
You should have know what others would do without you

It's really unfair you left me this fight
All because you just weren't to fuckin bright!!

So here I sit, starting my 15th year
Wondering why the fuck you still aint here

I've sat up all night, writing this note,
244 days apart, What a fuckin joke!!

Not much so say or do,
Just sit, cry and think of you

It's my birthday, dad, 15 years of your fatherhood,
9 months after you should have covered your hood

Then today never would have happened...