View Full Version : dissociative ruining my short term memory

August 28th, 2015, 06:01 PM
ugh i have had dissociative for most my life but last year it started to affect my memory but it's never been this bad before usually im forgetful because of it a course but right now im down right losing it i can't remember anything i keep losing things i forgot what i was told to do in class and forgot that i was ever even told it until everyone else knew what to do but guess what i didn't and i looked like an idiot and we had been told less then a minute before hand i keep getting lost im zoning out constantly and all of it is driving me crazy i know that it usually only last a month at the most but it was on and off all last month and i have no clue how much longer it can possibly last im so frustrated with everything right now and i feel so alone in this because their are simply very few people who suffer from memory loss in the same degree and way as me