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August 4th, 2015, 04:25 PM
Hello everyone! Well, my life is very compicated... Before a month or something a girl who was cutting herself talked to me, to help her. I did and everything was fine and we hadn't talk for 1 week or less and I sent her a message in Sunday , to see how was she, her mother answered to me and told me that she had committed suicide in Saturday and she was dead. And her mother told me that the girl told her to answer to my messages because she knows that I'll always remember her. Do you understand? She told her mother that I'll be always remember her and answer to me... she was thinking me till the end ... from then I have started to search more for self harm and all those things... Ixm trying to help people... but I'm not sure of how I am. I mean I can't understand how is possible to have no friends, noone cares about me... but still giving the best advices... I was about to cut mysef yesterday (finally I didn't because of the girl) but... what can I do in order not to think it again? I have given some promises to her which I can't make happen and that kills me... please help!
PS whoever wants can send me in PM an email or something in order to talk

August 5th, 2015, 01:12 AM
that's really an awful thing for you to go through, i'm so sorry and i hope you can stay strong even through this.

August 5th, 2015, 01:33 AM
Hey Onlyfaith

I can't imagine what you are going through. You tried your hardest to be there for her but sometimes that isn't enough. I'm glad you didn't SH, it's a nasty cycle and it doesn't end well.

THe thing with suicides is that it leaves a lot of loose ends, no one really knows that was going through their head before they took their life. No one knows fully why they did it. And the people who cared about them will always wonder what they could have done to help- some promises will be broken.

She cared about you, I've been where she was and I'm so grateful for the people who were there for me. If you can, maybe you could be there for her family. Try to help them find closure or help them understand a bit what their daughter was going through.

I'm sure it's going to be rough to move past her death. Please don't keep it in, talk to someone you trust, a friend, a parent, a school social worker, anyone really. I'm here to for you too. Stay strong :hug: