View Full Version : Tightness after orgasm

July 27th, 2015, 12:14 AM
As my bf and I have gotten more experience, my orgasms have gotten more intense. I would normally feel tightening after orgasms before, but now I feel myself tighten to the point that I cant have him inside me (if he's still hard) till after several minutes. Do any of you have a similar reaction? Wondering if I'm having more tightness than is normal...

July 27th, 2015, 05:31 PM
Yes, this is normal. The vaginal muscles tighten and contract during an orgasm. Some girls recover faster than others. It could take a few minutes or longer for the muscles to relax and go back to normal.

July 27th, 2015, 10:09 PM
Thanks Fiona. Know most girls will feel something similar to me, but I actually get so tight, even putting a finger in hurts if done after I cum. Roughly takes me 10-15 minutes to feel open enough to take my bf again. Really wondering if my orgasm tightness is on the extreme side. I typically push my bf out when I orgasm... I know my bf sometimes gets a little frustrated but thankfully he doesn't mind the other ways I keep him busy ; ) Thanks again.

July 28th, 2015, 09:28 PM
My whole pubic area and even my legs kinda go ridgit durning and just after my orgasm:)

July 29th, 2015, 05:50 AM
I become tighter for a very short time and then back to the way it was. There is no trouble for the penis to stay inside