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July 16th, 2015, 07:34 PM
Note: This is an English Assignment I had to do 2 years ago. I had it saved on my laptop so I decided to post it here before deleting it. It was an A- (B+?) if I can remember correctly. I do not know much about American history or culture so I apologize if Oorah was not used in a WWII context. :(

Dear Will

Dear William; the first words given to me on the conscription letter.
A mother's tears find no solace through culture, history or tradition.
They stained the hard wooden floor with a burning salt of pure scorn.
Sieg Heil! King And Country! Oorah!
Before meeting each other in a land of desolate mud and dreary rain,
Battle cries and preaches of will and power intended to start a new age.
The forbearers ready to sail off in their new ships to fight in a battle started before their prime.
It was my father's voice that leads the boat onwards; his words are vivid like the heavy clouds on a wet day;
"Tally ho, boys! I'm glad you could join me for this family vacation, the beaches of France are perfect this time of year..."
His voice drowning in the sea of voices that threatened to engulf him as it did his friends and enemies of old.
Only my brother's whispering voice calmed my nerves, a peaceful boy who was just a bastard.
"It was going to go smoothly, eh."
A small chuckle resounded around the small metal boat promising of a glory filled sky and comradeship all around.
The waves bashed around the boat like a giant swatting flies, it was not the bright blue that was promised.

Drowning in the mud and covered from head to toe creating a fort that no man would face willingly.
A stone-faced man tall and decorated, yelled commands the same as an angry elder used to yell at village children.
I believed and suckled onto the teat of our countries lies, the hidden atrocities were not mine to bear.
I had won through blood and bone to take what was our right and even now I had seen the boats across the shore.
All I could see through the rain and splashing waves was a red, white and blue.
The tricoloured flags were the only light in the brown and grey that covered our world, a burning fire seemed to rumble within them.
Eruption; something I could only equal to a lion at the talons of the eagle.

Explosions were the only sound we had heard when our destination was reached.
Our stone face father never once changed his stern face, a veteran who had defended this same strait for far longer than anyone else.
The rapid sounds of bullets dinking every area of the hull, the small boat in danger of sinking with every passing second,
Soon enough their first target was hit as the red, white and blue of our father was coated in a crimson that soaked his collar.
The first blood of a battle just begun, a day of hell and months of traverse in Charon's ferry.
For passage instead of a coin both sides had brought cannon fire and bullets ready to fill their new and old enemies 8 times over.
The water and sands were dyed with a sickening red that splattered it miles down; bodies became ground as corpses were covered under the earth.
The mud washed away colour, race or religion only human bodies laid across its brutal shores.
Those practised battle cries of several weeks before were unrecognizable between each other.
"King and Heil! Country and Siegrah!"
Words of lions, eagles and buffalos.
The monstrosity that roared internally on a coast of battles and conquests of years past.

It was there I remembered your face, another animal hunting in the wilds that we had created.
Only a young buffalo and I was the hunting eagle ready to strike.
But I was not able to kill something so alike, your hair covered in dirt, eyes barely visible from the falling rain.
A mirror world where a swastika and a star and stripe were hidden in the bloodshed we were creating.
Your thunder seemed to keep bearing down on us, fire and brimstone raining from the sky before you pushed forward another 200 meters.
It was a bellow from something far above ready to decimate our lefts and rights destroying the forts we had worked on.
If we built something with blood, sweat and bone;
You would be there to destroy it with blood, sweat and bone.
It was only until the storm had arrived did I stop to think about why we both stood here on other sides of a trench dug deep.

Dear Wilhelm; the first words I found on the dead soldier's letters.
Like the lightning strikes on their flags I had heard the sound of a God angered.
It billowed with a white smoke, a wight sent to haunt the living left on the dirty battleground.
It had no eyes but long grasping fingers unable to distinguish red, white, blue or black.
Colours blurred into a sickening green as it left only the disfigured branches of the human bodies layered together.
It was Eagle swooping Eagles as a misplaced mortar had allowed us access to the next 500 meters of land.
I didn't know who was my friend or enemy only 5 minutes after leaving the small boat I had arrived on.
It didn't matter anymore.
As I hear the sound of lightning over my head once again, I think;
"You and I Will, maybe we weren't so different after all."

The wight descended once again to reap the souls of the blind fighting the blind.
Hello Will...