View Full Version : Why can't I let go

June 27th, 2015, 01:54 PM
I have a issue where when it comes to any thing that is less then professional, I ether can't do it or have a serious issue with it. I especially have a issue when it comes to girls. If any girl talks to me about anything less then school or work related subjects, I get nervous and usually leads to me running away. Can someone please explain what causes this mentality? I am just tired of never having a serious friend or romantic relation ship with any one.

Let Me Be a Pony
July 2nd, 2015, 05:13 AM
Later in life you will come to terms when you realize that all that worry was for nothing. You shouldn't care about other's judging you. People who value the opinions of others end up in a spiral.

What might help you is to try to think they're the same gender, at least when you're in such tight discussions. Or you can try to change the topic. It's easy to change a topic with just one sentence. Do not give up and do not turn your back on anything. Do not run away from people or problems. Cowering ain't gonna do you any good.

Well, i'm guessing you're getting uptight about this because you're afraid to give out the wrong answers, connected with a work related subject. Messing up is hard, yes, but it's sometimes better to try, even if it means messing up, because that leaves a good impression. Just do not run away.
Romantic relationships, don't rush that, just wait for one to occur. Same with friends.

About getting nervous, you can try chewing bubble gum while talking to people. That eases some people off.