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June 4th, 2015, 07:00 PM
So, after months of writing and editing I have finally had my book published on Amazon for Kindle. The kindle app can be downloaded on any apple product and the book can be purchased through Amazon.

"Triwakenings focuses on three cousins, who after the death of their parents, fight to come to grips with their abilities. The essence of the All is out there and as it grows, so does the strength of good and evil! Three cousins are faced with an ultimatum: fight and conquer or die trying. Having trained all their lives David, Jessica and Maria are faced with friendship, romance and heartbreak.

A coming of age story recording the events of the Magnoesse Trio who encounter two lost souls, working together to bring solace to the world.

Are they powerful enough to defeat the Faction of the Dark? Is everything and everyone all they seem?"