View Full Version : Major Crash

April 12th, 2008, 04:11 PM
For the past two days, VirtualTeen's database has been down. This was the result of the DotServant technical support (Foong) and me unknownly working on the database at the same time. First the vbulletin_thread table crashed, and then the vbulletin_post table crashed. Both tables are insanely large, so Foong and I had our hands full while trying to restore the database.

We were extremely lucky, since I made a complete SQL backup of our database the night before it crashed. This means that we still have all of our posts and threads that were submitted the night before the crash (which is VERY recent for a restoration). However, before attempting to restore the entire database, I also made a backup of the current users, reputations, and blogs - so those items are completely current. Threads, posts, and private messages may be a day behind, but it's only one day.

At any rate, everything's fine now. I'm sorry about all the time it took to get things running again.