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May 14th, 2015, 07:53 AM
A few nights ago I tried to commit suicide. I only have a Swiss army knife, and nothing really razor sharp, but I tried to slit my wrist anyway. After cutting for awhile I got tired and couldn't be bothered. A few days later I was inspecting my cut, and I had just had Taekwondo (martial art) so my veins were bulging. Looking closely, I realised that somehow, I had missed every single surface vein on my arm. If that's not a miracle I don't know what is haha.

But to be honest, I do not claim that it was the work of god, though I do believe in him. But I believe more strongly in miracles. Sometimes things happen, and they happen for a reason. Ever since that night things have been turning up.

I guess I'm supposed to put something happy here. The most I can say is, so far you've survived every single day of your life, and if you're down, or suicidal, or depressed, just remember, if you keep going, if you survive, each extra day, then each day is a new miracle performed by you. Each day you tell death to fuck off is a day you win, a day that you have survived and beaten, and another day to add to your survival record.

I hope this helps to anybody that read, and thanks for reading, PEACE!!!