View Full Version : A Spoken Word Poem: 25 Things that Go Through my Mind In a Long Distance Relationship

April 25th, 2015, 12:18 AM
Hey everyone! So I do open mics and poetry slams. I was wondering what you think of this recent one. I wrote it for a girl who I've never met but we are dating online...anyway here's the poem.

The amount of times I have heard your accent on Skype
Of which it took my brain a total of two seconds to catch up to heart
That was already falling for you at three thousand miles per second.
And if that is what falling for you feels like, than let my heart fall into a bottomless pit.
Just remember to catch me when I hit rock bottom.

Times a thousand is the distance between where I am to where you are in miles.
Coincidentally it is also the time difference in hours.
Yes I looked that up, sorry it's weird.

Is the amount of things in random poems and love letter I've composed for you.
I'm too afraid to give them to you.
Too afraid to chase you away.

Months is the amount of time that I've known you.
It's also the time it took for me to ask you out.

I send you hey
I send you hello.
I feel like I'm sending you too many messages
I should stop sending you all of these messages
But I don't
Because I can't wait until

Pm. When I see your face and hear your voice on Skype.

Hearing your voice on Skype

Is the rating I give you as to how awesomely amazing you are.
That is out of ten if you didn't know.

Hours is the flying time to get to where you are.
I'd fly that in a second.

When we talk my heart jumps like it's on a roller coaster
Do you remember our conversations about roller coasters?
It was one of the first conversations we had.

Our conversations about what others would call nothingness
About rainbow bears
Ice cream
and Roller Coasters
They mean more to me than any other thing on this planet.
If I could, I would tattoo every word of them to my heart so that with every beat they would echo in the one play no one has ever had the real chance to see.

Is my birthday.

Which is exactly two months and two days from March

Your birthday
Yes, I remember that.

I try to remember everything about you.
Like how your favourite actor is David Tennant
How your favourite show is Torchwood
How your favourite band is McBusted.

is how old you turned this coming birthday.
I wanted to wait until then to give this to you
But I simply couldn't.

You and I?
We like a lot of the same things.

I really like you

Twenty One
Times a billion is the amount of butterflies I felt when you feel the say way

Twenty Two
Everyday I contemplate taking the next plane to see you

Twenty Three
I can't wait until the next time we talk

Twenty four
is how often you run through my mind

Twenty Five
I really miss you
Even though I've never met you.