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April 6th, 2015, 10:11 AM
So I wrote a new piece after nearly an year and felt like sharing it :)


A flicker, a spark and flares to life
A fire cold and dark
The product of friction and strife
And also the kindling spark
It smoulders stealthy and slow
Or rises swift as a dart
Alike though, does the darkness flow
Poisoning the brain and blackening the heart

Then the world turns red for the misled eye
And thunder pounds inside the head
Blood pours from the scarlet sky
And fill the air shrieks of anguish and dread
And tremors rock the unmoving earth
And the burning thirst for vengeance with every wrong avenged
Forever rises, hollowing the soul but alas unquenched

When though the red ebbs from the eye
And silence seeps inside the head
Gentle raindrops descend from the sky
And the whispering breeze rustles a grassy bed
And devoid of energy as the shaking stops
Peace returns to the lonely isle
And the ripples born by pattering drops
Reflect the shadow of the ire.