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March 19th, 2015, 03:11 PM
ruben: but you say?Naruto is much better!
SIMON: Já! … Look here Goku is the master of the universe.
ELSABETH: does forgive? You've given a blow to the head?
ESTHER: Oh, God! Do not you tired never?
NATALIA: Simon, please, don't be absurd.Is very clear that the master of the universe is Kaneki.
ELISABETH: that! Natalia is right.
Ana:Pero let's see... not do you enteráis to that Christian Grey is the real master of the universe?
Alex:mmm... I think that you have the wrong conversation...
Samuel:SI and in addition, the master of the universe is Luffy.
JAVI:si, right? Not you it or you think. The master of the universe is... DRAVEN!!
ALEX: Puag! What someone finish with him!
NATALIA: I offer me voluntary!...
-hey, are you ready? - is heard on the other side of Natalia mobile.
-Uff...! You will be followed! Expected, bucking!
-Eh, eh, eh! Relax-says Anna and then begins laughing
-Buah! I leave you, then see you.-He says laughing also.
-ok, chao - and with a sound "Muak", cut the call.

Damn it, these pants do not enter. Natalia, stature average, thin and Brown girl, tries with all his strength placed that pair of pants that you like. After five minutes of trying, stop trying to just when they knock at the door. Goes toward it, opens it and is face to face with a girl, thin and very marked curves, with brown eyes and brown hair, curly and collected in a queue. He wore a dress by Desigual and boots high
-Eli! Enter!
- would not stay out...-He says, smiling
...Edge - return you the smile-come on.... how can we prepare the party of Alex? What time are we going there? We make sandwiches? And by the way... what you are your present?-question Natalia nerve
-Ok... Ok... Ok... Relax-says Eli raising their hands toward the front - first, dressed, and second, everything is controlled.
Natalia away it carefully and goes toward the closet.

Pick up a dress, proves it is, goes to the mirror and starts to walk like a model around the room. Ana looks carefully, really is not as ugly as I thought it was. The coppery hair fell him vertically until the end of the back. Is it made to one side, then another and, to not be satisfied, take a high tail. He begins to move his head to one side and the other to move the hair. Really beautiful feel.

Samuel looks closet, does so much clothing? It seems lie... He starts spending hangers without finding anything you like. After a quarter of an hour passing them from one side to the other, he is decided by your favorite t-shirt, with the symbol of the Straw Hat Pirates, and her favorite pants, a simple pair of jeans. Changes and moves to the living room.
-How am I? - question making a gesture with which designates the shirt and his pants
-Wow!- they say, astonished, his sisters at the same time - are going to stay with your girlfriend?
- what? I haven´t a girlfriend! - shout watching them with narrowed eyes
-You´re very handsome, honey - answered his mother.
Samuel stretch shirt, makes a bow and returns to his room.

Well... This is the first part of my book soo I hope you like it!



March 19th, 2015, 03:51 PM
oh my god my name is Simon and one of my best friends and/or possibly my crush (don't tell him!) is Ruben ^.^

I've found that there's some minor flaws in grammar and spelling, but other than that the storyline seems like it'll work out!

March 19th, 2015, 06:14 PM
Thanks!!! majesticmiscarriage
Well, i'm spanish and I'm now studying English itself , excuse the faults.
I have more chapters, go up , if you like and would like to continue reading