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February 20th, 2015, 07:52 PM
I've always kind of wondered, but the symptoms are so common it's hard to tell the difference. There are tons of people who think they ADD/ADHD but really don't.

Do I have ADD/ADHD? My symptoms are: I can't sit still in chair for more than 30 seconds without moving. If I am sitting still, I usually bounce my leg up and down. I always fidget with thing, pick at things and so on. I can never focus on anything boring, and while I do school work, I usually last about a minute or two before I start thinking about something else, max. I generally act on my impulses, though I have high social anxiety, so if it's something like asking a girl out, I won't do it on impulse. But I act on my impulse a lot other times, even when I know it's wrong. I always get in peoples face, and climb all over stuff around the house. When I sit at the dinner table, I can never get into a comfortable position so I move around a lot. I've never had trouble in school, but that's because I'm smart.

Feel free to ask any questions about symptoms, I'll answer them best I can.

February 21st, 2015, 12:49 AM
It's possible, but I'm not a professional so I can't really tell you that for sure. It sounds very similar to what I experience though, and I'm diagnosed and medicated for ADHD.

February 21st, 2015, 10:53 AM
Ok thanks Karkat