View Full Version : How often do you guys go on outdoor trips?

February 5th, 2015, 11:31 PM
I try to go on one at least once a month, what about you guys?

February 6th, 2015, 01:30 PM
I am out and about most days as we live in a rural area.

So what do you mean by outdoor trips?

February 6th, 2015, 03:01 PM
it depends what you mean, but since it is winter in Michigan, those trips are saved more for when it is warmer out

February 6th, 2015, 05:27 PM
When the weather is warm, my sisters and I go exploring in the woods down the road, at least once a month during every season but winter.

February 6th, 2015, 05:48 PM
I don't think I've ever been on an outdoor trip, like camping I guess? I've been exploring in the woods and stuff though, once every few months.

February 9th, 2015, 06:37 PM
So what do you mean by outdoor trips?

Anything planned, not like day to day activities. Like camping or climbing a mountain, things like that.

February 9th, 2015, 08:31 PM
have never done stuff like that but would like to sometime

Country Cowboy
February 9th, 2015, 11:33 PM
I'm pretty much always outside

February 9th, 2015, 11:35 PM
A couple of times per year at best.

February 9th, 2015, 11:50 PM
Like uh, around once every year haha.

Plane And Simple
February 10th, 2015, 01:12 AM
Once a year if ever :P

February 10th, 2015, 01:21 AM
Maybe a couple times a year. I wish it were more than that, though.

Wyatt 13
February 11th, 2015, 04:27 PM
I love outdoor trips but we just can afford going like once a year

February 12th, 2015, 10:42 AM
My brother and I camp or at least hike every weekend
Always challenging with minimal gear

February 12th, 2015, 03:16 PM
I used to always do that a few years ago but lately I've just been so busy. This year I'm thinking we'll go a few times and explore the mountains.