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February 1st, 2015, 01:59 AM
I haven't posted in a while or really been that active on here lately so here I am doing a very large post that probably won't get many responses, but I've been dying to do a top 10 on here so here we go with my top 10 favorite energy drinks because I love them. Something to note: I'll only be including drinks that resemble sodas. Canned and bottled coffee beverages will not be included on this list.

#10 ---- Original Monster Energy
The original Monster is pretty good in my opinion but I'll only drink it at specific times that I'm really craving it because it has an overwhelmingly sweet kick to it that I really need to be in the mood for otherwise, It doesn't taste good.

#9 ---- NOS Fruit Punch
I have a pretty good liking for the fruit punch variant of NOS Energy. While it doesn't have a very strong resemblance to classic fruit punch like Kool-aid or Hawaiian Punch, it has a hint of that familiar taste and a good aftertaste too. On a side-note, it's made by the Coca-Cola Company so it has that great reputation too.

#8 ---- Redbull Red Edition
I'm gonna be honest here, if this beverage was put in an off-brand package and sold for a dollar and a half less, I probably wouldn't like it as much. Simply the Redbull name is enough for this beverage to be put on my list. Well, that and the fact that it's cranberry flavored which is definitely something new and actually pretty good.

#7 ---- Original Full Throttle
Full Throttle is on my list at number 7 because I really grew up with it. Whether I biked a mile with a friend to a local convenience store when I was 12 and got a Full Throttle or had one at OfficeMax during work last week at age 17, it made a lasting impression on my childhood. FT also has a really tangy flavor that you can't get with other beverages except one that does it was better.

#6 ---- Monster Khaos (Orange)
I like the Orange Monster because it has a good natural orange taste to it. Much like Mountain Dew Kickstart, there is a significant amount of real fruit juice (50%) in it along with all the chemicals in it.

#5 ---- Pac-Man Energy Drink
No, your eyes did not just deceive you. There is indeed a Pac-Man energy drink in existence. You can't pick it up at any 7-Eleven or Shell station like you can with the 9 other drinks on my list though. You have to either order it online or find it in some novelty store in that mall not many people go to any more 45 miles from your house. I actually got mine from a retro game store in a mall in downtown Montreal, Canada. Oh, and the cherry taste is pretty good too.

#4 ---- Rockstar Lime Freeze
This unusual beverage is number 4 because it has a very real taste to actual lime. it's like they got Mountain Dew Distortion (also lime flavored) and made it more natural and smooth tasting.

#3 Rockstar Piņa Colada
I'll admit it, I love Piņa Coladas with a burning passion. When I saw one in energy drink form, I wanted to cry. As I pulled it out of the fridge in the store, I had my doubts though. Will it taste fake? Will it have a bad aftertaste? Will the rockstar formula be easily tasted through the flavoring? Upon opening it, I realized that all those preconceptions could not be more incorrect. It tasted like a legit Piņa Colada.

#2 ---- Rockstar Fruit Punch
Unlike the NOS Fruit Punch, this Rockstar version is our runner up because it tastes much more like classic fruit punch and also has a better energy kick than NOS. And as dorky as this sounds, I like the can design of the ROckstar Punch more. My favorite colors are black and red so yeah... haha

#1 ---- Redbull
Redbull is in my opinion, the original and the best. All other brands in the energy drink game try to beat it but never succeed. Monster is closest to beating them and has something like 10% less sales numbers which is pretty significant. This is because of the unmistakable taste Redbull has. It's got the perfect mixture of sweet, tangy, and sour. On top of the taste, there are a fleet of Redbull Mini Coopers with Redbull employees behind the wheel offering people free Redbull. Another good aspect of Redbull is that it doesn't rely on a shit load of caffeine to do it's job. Each 250 ml (8.4 fl oz.) can has just 80 miligrams of caffeine. Oh, and it's also made in Switzerland.