View Full Version : What are you like when you're drinking alcohol?

January 26th, 2015, 02:25 PM
I'm just curious to see what you are like when you're drinking alcohol?
Are you talkative? Violent? Too honest? Daring? What?
I don't really drink a lot, and when I do I try to avoid getting actually drunk , just a buzz.
I'm more talkative, and sometimes a little too honest!

January 26th, 2015, 03:15 PM
People say that I am talkative , very talkative and violent ... I am crazy enough without alcohol , I become animal after I drink it xD ..

January 26th, 2015, 03:19 PM
I'm not really an alcoholic. I don't normally get drunk. I usually just drink and not get the effect's

January 26th, 2015, 03:58 PM
I don't usually get really drunk, and when I do, I'm usually at home alone hence why I'm getting drunk lol.

But when I get wasted with my friends, I become honest and more outgoing/funny. I'm not violent, nor do I get really stupid. Mostly, it's honesty that comes out, and all the things I want to say the rest of the time that I just can't.

January 26th, 2015, 05:07 PM
While I never have drank, going by the rest of my family, i feel like I would get angry/violent.

One of the reasons I plan on never drinking.

Lost in the Echo
January 26th, 2015, 05:28 PM
A lot less tense/anxious than when I'm sober, a bit more talkative, generally in a great mood.
For the most part I'm a happy drunk. The only exception is if someone really pisses me off, or if I begin drinking while I'm in a bad mood,etc. That's usually pretty rare though, fortunately.

January 26th, 2015, 05:34 PM
I never drink to the point of getting really drunk, my intake is normally a relatively small amount that just sort of gives me the feeling of 'okay, that was good'. And I don't do it socially, I'm normally alone when I do it so I'm more quiet and super dreary.

January 27th, 2015, 05:57 PM
I just become more outgoing and talkative.

January 27th, 2015, 06:48 PM
I definitely become more social and happy. When I'm drunk I like to talk to people and hang out with them. However, if I get really drunk, then I become an absolute mess.

January 27th, 2015, 06:57 PM
Many people have told me that i act the same or my normal self when drinking (:

January 27th, 2015, 07:08 PM
Much more social and honest :/

When I get really drunk, I start having a preference to speaking English. When I go into "Automatic Mode" I become a buffoon that doesn't even understand Portuguese. Lmao

Perfectly Flawed
January 27th, 2015, 07:47 PM
I get very happy, relaxed, and think everything is funny. I joke around a lot and my libido goes off the charts so I get flirty. I get really philosophical when I'm drunk sometimes.

January 27th, 2015, 09:26 PM
At first, talkative and hyper, then later in the night, very sad.

January 27th, 2015, 09:35 PM
Violent. Wild. Out of control.

My legs are essentially open, I may run away randomly, I might throw things at you or fight with you, and I will drink until there's no more or I pass out.

January 28th, 2015, 01:57 AM
about 10 minutes of giggling followed by snoozing. I'm generally a lot sillier

Meh Guy
January 28th, 2015, 10:34 PM
I'm usually very loose (not sexually) when I'm drinking. Ill do stuff that I wouldn't normally do such as dance, sing etc. kinda just get into more of a party mood. The one drink I can have too much of is vodka, I get extremely agitated Nd violent when I drink it.

Emerald Dream
January 28th, 2015, 10:38 PM
I hardly ever have more than a couple of drinks, but I tend to get less anxious and more outgoing. I find a lot more things funny. I don't ever recall being in a bad mood or angry while drinking, so I am more of a happy person I think.

February 3rd, 2015, 05:18 PM
i get Super giggly:lol:

February 5th, 2015, 11:34 PM
I'm very talkative and very honest. It's quite fun but I don't get the opportunity to do it as often as I'd like.

Stronk Serb
February 8th, 2015, 02:31 AM
I get more talkative and funny when I'm half-drunk. Also I sort of get my silver tongue. When I'm wasted I'd do the dumbest things. I once tried to jump down some stairs but failed badly and fell down them and broke my ass. Despite having a gaping hole in my knee, I insisted it's a flesh wound and that the blood wil harden any minute. Luckily I was bleeding alcohol so it didn't get infected.

February 8th, 2015, 03:01 AM
I become very flirty. It's why I've sworn off alcohol until I'm 21. I made a few mistakes with someone last summer and am not proud of them at all.

February 8th, 2015, 07:52 AM
I have stages when I'm drunk from how much I'm drinking.
When I first start I just talk a lot to loads of people, like my anxiety completely disappears.
When I drink more I want to cuddle and kiss pretty much everyone.
Then I get extremely depressed and/or angry.
Then I go back to happy.
Then I throw up, get tired and want to sleep.
If I continue drinking then I just stay more relaxed.


February 8th, 2015, 08:52 AM
I'm honest as it is so I end up putting people in there place when I've been drinking

February 9th, 2015, 05:33 PM
I get more confident and chatty and maybe a bit silly

February 9th, 2015, 07:14 PM
I just get very social and talkative when i drink. i dont really have any negatives with it.

February 10th, 2015, 09:48 AM
I only tend to drink on very seldom occasions as of late. But for me, my behavior while drinking depends on the type of alcohol I'm consuming at the time. Vodka, for instance, makes me severely depressed. Whereas tequila usually makes me extremely happy and humorous.

February 10th, 2015, 03:31 PM
I don't like to drink.But if that happens,things can get crazy,i loosing my fears,getting really relaxed,and sometimes i starting cuddle others,and i can do some crazy shit in that phase...

February 11th, 2015, 11:13 PM

February 13th, 2015, 08:54 PM
I get really tired or get really hyper and confident and excitable but that gets me in trouble with others sometimes

February 13th, 2015, 08:57 PM
not rly any different prob just a bit more . confident

February 15th, 2015, 08:43 PM
lol...well the first time i drank was with my father we drank vodka (this was like last year lol) anyway i became extremely happy and i was really dizzy hahah so much fun...drinking vodka raw tho tastes like shit and burns your throat

February 15th, 2015, 10:06 PM
I've got drunk twice in my life only. According to my friends, I'm way more honest, dance like crazy and act like a whore.

Abyssal Echo
February 15th, 2015, 11:21 PM
I might be a little more talkative and confident other than that I'm pretty much the same as I am sober

February 17th, 2015, 04:12 PM
I'm a lot more talkative, apparently. but thats it as far as im concerned - maybe I laugh more too? idk it's been a while since I've drank

February 26th, 2015, 07:54 AM
I get really talkative and flirty, and giggling for no reason.

Stronk Serb
March 1st, 2015, 03:32 AM
I get differently drunk depending on what I drink, if I get drunk on cheap shit I become a wreck, if I get drunk on quality booze I become the general smilling shitlord who burns anyone down, plus I remember most of the stuff.

Deleted User
March 1st, 2015, 08:45 PM
I'm... the same. Honestly, I just get a little more chatty than usual but that's nothing big. I get a bit giggly too. But depending on the day, I can be the same way sober. Only difference is that I have better balance.

March 2nd, 2015, 12:23 AM
funny as hell and really handsy :X

March 2nd, 2015, 03:28 PM
Well I got drunk for the first time on new years with my boyfriend and some friends and I learned that I'm a giggly drunk. I would start laughing for no reason which made everyone else start laughing.

March 8th, 2015, 09:42 AM
I quite simply do not drink.

Professional Russian
March 10th, 2015, 08:59 AM
Depends on what I'm drinking
>twisted tea- extremely depressed and crying
>jack daniels- happiest person ever, life of the party
>beer- honesty hour kicks in and I usually admit my love for someone straight to their patents face...which actually went surprisingly well last time

March 14th, 2015, 12:55 PM
Slutty drunk.
Unless I start drinking while depressed, then I'm weepy.

March 16th, 2015, 03:15 PM
really angry and irritable or stupid like when I tried to climb on the school roof wasted opps

April 1st, 2015, 01:25 PM
Cool calm and mellow

April 1st, 2015, 03:04 PM
I talk more or I end up depressed and over think things

April 1st, 2015, 04:21 PM
I just get tired or just like really mellow and will just stare off into space. However, I almost always smoke when I drink, so I guess I don't really know.

April 1st, 2015, 06:21 PM
Very giggly and flirtatious

April 11th, 2015, 07:33 AM
I usually drink till I can't feel pain anymore and begin to trip on things and end up laughing hysterically on the floor for around 30 minutes. Also very talkative and energetic.

The Faulted
April 14th, 2015, 10:19 PM
I'm like everything. O.O Since I usually forget most things, I'm going based off of what people tell me. I deny I'm drunk the entire time, and I dance like crazy. (I've seen snapchats and they explain why my arms hurt the next day) and then eventually I start crying and get all emotional. Haha!

April 19th, 2015, 05:36 PM
I tend to get really, really talkive, and then after a while really sleepy. I'm not a mean drunk thankfully.

April 20th, 2015, 09:08 PM
some how or another, that spot right beteen buzz and drunk makes me really athletic. buzzed is sit back and chillax and knock out drunk is party hard mood

April 21st, 2015, 04:27 PM
My best friend always tells me once I sober up but I notice too but im really honest and truthful. I do so many stupid things and also talkative.

April 21st, 2015, 04:29 PM
Feel slightly floaty

June 24th, 2015, 01:57 AM
I become a party animal and more social, talkative, confident and happy.
But when i overdo with it i act like a jerk. :D

June 24th, 2015, 09:15 PM
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