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January 26th, 2015, 12:01 PM
This is for an English lesson. Written in 40 minutes, corrected (as far as I can tell). I have no knowledge of Littleton's streets or clubs names, the real details of the event or anything, I wrote what came to my mind.

It was the morning of April twentieth nineteen ninety-nine. It was pretty much like any morning in America. The farmer did his chores, the milkman made his deliveries; the president bombed another country whose name we couldn't pronounce and back in Michigan miss Hughes welcomed students to another day of school, yes, it was a typical day in The United States of America. But there was another thing going on. Two teens were bowling in the town of Littleton. They had no interests in education anymore, however they did a plan to visit their school today, The Columbine High school was about to take part in some mighty interesting events. The couple was, however, still just playing their second round.
„Whoa, whoa, whoa, what do you think that was? “
„A throw? “
„THAT was you stepping over the line.“
„You sure?
„I am.“
„OK, I’ll just discount it when the round is over. “
That sort of talk accompanied the two until it was about ten o'clock. Then they left, probably for school I was wondering sitting just a table away. As they walked out I noticed a sort of a sad look on their faces combined with anger and injustice.
„Nihil novi sub sole. “ I whispered and returned to the Sears catalogue. I hadn't thought about them until I went back to the motel about a dozen blocks away from the Bowling club. As I roamed the streets I noticed an announcement from the president Clinton from the TV set exposed to the world in one electronics shop. He talked about the bombing campaign of Kosovo proudly stating it was the biggest action performed in one day. I shook my head to get rid of the horror thoughts fleeting in my head just to look other side of the street where two minivans were passing in full speed. What stroke me were the signs on them… Fox News and MSNBC. Two networks, one right wing, the other left wing. What could they possibly pursue together? They took the left turn and I noticed the sign telling what lies in that direction: The Columbine High school and Denver centre. Suddenly, two cop cars with their beacons up followed in the same path. Homicide, I thought, nothing else would draw people to the same location. I had no interest in seeing more misery so I walked home in the direction of the suburbs lying in the opposite direction. It took me fifteen something minutes to reach my destination to be welcomed by my friend Carl sitting on the doorstep.
„Dude, I'm waiting for you to come! “he yelled as he was putting on his shoes.
„They heard gunfire from the local school! “
I helped him with his coat and we ran to the location. Ten minutes of sprinting later we reached the parking lot belonging to the school. Every network had a minivan parked right next to each other and not so far from them reporters were yelling to their cameras about some Columbine High school massacre. Before we got to know more two gunshots echoed the area. Every cop, citizen or reporter, even the two of us ducked to the ground expecting getting shot. However, nothing happened, not a single sound more. S.W.A.T. came out of the building carrying two corpses. Before people saw these newly appointed monsters I ran towards them as I thought I recognize the first one. And I did: The two from the bowling club, now both wearing bulletproof vests, each one having a hole in their forehead. My thoughts: Execution or suicide. Later I got to know: suicide.
That day twelve students and one teacher met their end and some more got permanently injured.
„I think this was the last round, Eric. “
„You bet, Dylan. “