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January 20th, 2015, 04:33 AM
So as some of you may know I'm currently off school and as I'm not allowed to go anywhere have been bored out of my mind so I started writing a story. What do you think?

“Do you see anything?” Amy said to me as we both squinted out of the window into the street.
“Nothing” I replied. “Do you think she bailed?”
We both stared out of the window, hoping that Lindsey would appear any second.
“She is such a wuss” Amy moaned as she moved away from the window and Adam took her place.
“LOOK!” he shrieked suddenly.
Amy rushed back to the window and suddenly everyone was cramming to get a look. I saw a flash of flesh as Lindsey dashed down the last bit of the street and back into the house. She nervously looked over her shoulder as she did. We all cheered as we saw her, I never in a million years would have thought that Lindsey of all people would streak. Kelly rushed down the stairs to let her in and a few minutes later they both entered the room. Linsdey was now fully clothed.
“That was amazing” Joe said.
“Yeah nice tits” Adam added.
“You’re such a perv” I muttered at him, giving him a slight slap.
“You know it babe” he boasted.
Lindsey flushed bright red. “I can’t believe you guys made me do that” she said.
“Who’s turn is it now?” Kelly asked
“Joes” Amy and I said at the same time.
Joe grimaced as we all sat ourselves down.
“You think of one Lins” Kelly said.
“Okay!” she replied grinning, obviously pleased that her dare was over. “I dare you to kiss Adam on the lips”
Amy, Kelly and I giggled at Lindsey’s dare.
“What the fuck?” Adam exclaimed. “That’s not fair!”
“Yes it is” I replied.
“Well Joe, will you do it or not?” Amy added.
Joe groaned, “Yeah I guess” he muttered.
“I hate you guys” Adam moaned, as Joe quickly leant in and gave Adam a quick kiss on the lips.
“Yuck!” Joe exclaimed.
“You don’t hate me!” I cooed at Adam, as I pressed my lips forcefully against his.
He let out an excited moan before I pulled away again. Adam and I weren’t exactly boyfriend and girlfriend, but we flirted all the time and often made out at parties. We had even had sex once, but I hadn’t told the rest of our friends about that.
“Your turn Sophie!” Joe said.
“Fine” I said, moving myself slightly away from Adam.
I sat looking around at my friends as Joe contemplated a dare for me. The six of us had been friends forever and I loved them all dearly, I couldn’t imagine my life without them.
“Hurry up!” I whined at him.
“I’m thinking” he muttered back.
“I’ve got an idea if you can’t think of one” Adam said giving me a cheeky grin, which made me wonder if it would involve sex.
“Yeah okay” Joe agreed.
Adam leant towards Joe and whispered something in his ear, making his eyes go wide, before he grinned.
“Okay!” Joe said finally, “We dare you to go to the local shop and steal a bottle of vodka!”
My heart stopped for a moment, before it sped up to a manic speed. I thought I heard Lindsey let out a small gasp. Kelly looked nervously at me and then at the boys.
“Are you gonna do it?” Amy whispered at me.
“You have to” Adam protested.
“Yeah, you made me kiss Adam!” Joe added.
“I’ll do it!” my mouth said, before my brain could catch up.
Adam and Joe whooped with delight. “We are so getting drunk tonight” Adam celebrated.
“Let’s go” Kelly said as she grabbed my arm.
We all trooped to the shop and stopped in a group of trees near to the front.
Adam and Joe could barely contain themselves. Kelly and Lindsey were giggling too. Amy was strangely silent.
“You guys need to shut up or they will hear us” I said as I gestured to the shop.
I gulped as I spied a bored looking security guard stood near the front of the shop.
“You don’t have to do this” Amy said to me as we looked on.
I rolled my eyes at her and turned and stomped across the car park and into the shop, nervously looking over my shoulder at the trees as I did so. I wandered once around the shop, pretending to browse the items on sale. The alcohol was located close to the tills; I hovered nearby pretending to decide between two different chocolate bars. I waited until the cashier was busy serving somebody and then I moved to the alcohol section, grabbed a bottle of vodka and slipped it into my bag. I glanced nervously at the security guard, but I didn’t think he noticed.
I slowly made my way towards the exit; I started to push on the door, to my friends and my freedom when a voice piped up behind me.
“You gonna pay for that?”
I turned slightly and saw the security guard stood behind me with his arms crossed. He suddenly looked rather big and intimidating.
“I…er…” I muttered. I didn’t know what to do, should I run?
“The police have been called, there is no point running” he said, as if he had read my mind.
I started to panic and logic failed me. I pushed on the door as hard as I could, nearly falling over as I did and began running as fast as I could back towards my friends. I realised that the security guard had not been bluffing when a police car sped into the car park, its blue lights flashing, blocking the short distance between my friends and I. I immediately turned to run a different way.
“STOP” I heard a police man yell, before closing the distance between us in just a few paces, making me realise that I couldn’t have been running that fast. He grabbed my arm and I stared in horror as he pulled it behind my back, followed by the other arm.
“You are under arrest for theft. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence” he explained.
My heart thundered unevenly in my chest. I couldn’t believe how screwed I was, my parents were going to kill me.
I glanced back to the trees where my friends were hiding. Adam was being held back by Kelly and Amy and looked like he was arguing with Joe. A small smile crept onto my lips. I knew Adam would do anything for me and the thought was strangely comforting. That was until another policeman walked up to us looking pleased with himself.
“I got the tape” he said. I couldn’t see if the policeman holding me answered, but he started leading me towards the car. My heart sped up again as fear at what would happen coursed through me. I made a silent pledge to myself that I would be as helpful as possible, maybe then they would go easy on me?
My plan seemed to work as I was only briefly questioned and kept in a holding cell for a few hours before I was told I was to only be given a warning as it was my first offence and my parents had come to collect me. I cringed as he led me to the waiting room to meet my parents; I knew that they were going to be furious.
I flinched slightly as I saw my mother standing waiting for me, the look on her face telling me that I was as good as dead. She said nothing to me when I approached, but she roughly grabbed my wrist and stormed out of the station and towards the car. Her grip hurt, but I was too afraid to protest.
“GET IN” she snapped when we arrived.
I sheepishly climbed into the back of the car. My father was sat in the driver’s seat, I couldn’t see his face. But I could tell he was fuming. I kept my eyes down. My mother climbed in and we started the silent, but painful drive home.
We entered the house and my dad immediately stomped to his home office. I looked at my mother, but she didn’t speak, only glared at me, I couldn’t stand the silence a moment longer.
“Mum…” I began
“Sophie Jasmine Myers, do not talk to me” she snapped cutting me off and making me flinch slightly; she never used my full name.
“Get to bed, now! We will talk to you tomorrow”
“Yes mum” I muttered dejectedly before heading upstairs to my room.
The clock on my wall told me it was a little after midnight, but I didn’t think I would be able to sleep at all.
I opened my bag and looked at my phone. I smiled when I saw the messages.
Kelly: OMG! I can’t believe you got arrested, please tell me you are okay?
Amy: I knew that was a bad idea. Text back when you can x
Adam: You okay babe?
Lindsey: Shit! I really hope you’re not going to prison.
Joe: This is all my fault, forgive me? 
All their messages made me feel loads better, Lindsey’s made me smile the most. She was so funny.
I quickly sent a message back to all of them.
I’m fine, only got a warning. Parents are so mad, mum used my full name!
I turned my phone onto silent and climbed into bed, switching off the light. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to force myself to fall asleep. My mind was whirring with the events of the night and I couldn’t stop worrying about what my parents would do the next day, when we finally properly spoke.
I guess it had been a bit of a shock for them. I wasn’t the type of girl to get in trouble much and I certainly never thought I would get arrested. I’d had a few detentions before, but seriously who hasn’t?
Despite my busy night I awoke instantly at 7am. I sighed to myself as I mulled over what I was going to say to my parents, before deciding on acting as normal as possible until they mentioned it and then being sorry and as helpful as possible. I took my time getting washed and dressed, not eager to see my parents. Finally I thought I could put it off no longer and plodded down the stairs to the kitchen. I entered and was immediately struck by both the lack of noise and the lack of smell. Sundays was the day we always had a family fry up. Mum would make a full English, with bacon, sausages, the works and dad would make an effort to spend a few precious moments away from his office. I blinked up at the empty kitchen as I contemplated what to do. I thought I heard voices coming from dad’s office, but I knew better than to disturb him in there. I poured myself a glass of orange juice and sat down at the breakfast bar, sipping it slowly. Mum appeared a few moments later.
“Oh good your up” She said to me. “We’d like to talk to you in the living room”
She then disappeared again. My stomach immediately tied itself in knots and I tried to control the panic that was now consuming me. I abandoned my orange juice and slowly made my way to the living room where my parents were waiting for me. I sat myself down on the smaller of the two sofas; my parents were already sat on the larger one. I glanced up at them briefly, but mostly kept my eyes fixed on the floor at my feet. I kept my mouth shut, nit knowing what to say.
Mum spoke first. “We are very disappointed in you Sophie”
I flinched slightly at her words.
“We expected so much more from you” my dad continued. “didn’t you think at all about the consequences of your actions? Now you have a criminal record. What are people going to say?”
I looked up at my dad, he looked stressed and tired. I wondered if he had been awake all night.
“I’m sorry” I muttered, it sounded stupid, even to my own ears, like the words weren’t big enough to sum up how I felt.
My dad scowled. “No more chances Sophie” he said. “We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour”
I frowned at his words. I know that what I did was pretty bad, but he was making it sounds like I was constantly causing trouble. I made one mistake. I kept my thoughts to myself, deciding not to anger my parents further.
“You are grounded for a month” he continued. I gasped, looking up pleadingly into his eyes. I thought a month was too long. He seemed satisfied with my reaction.
“No going out. No friends over here. No television. No internet, except for homework. No phone” he elaborated.
“What?” I cried out, how could I survive for a month with no phone?
“You heard me” he stated flatly.
“You have to let me keep my phone” I pleaded.
“This is not negotiable” he said.
I couldn’t stop the tears from escaping from my eyes and running down my cheeks. I knew I would be punished for what happened, but this was worse than I could have imagined.
My dad looked expectantly at me and held out his hand. I reluctantly handed my phone over to him. I carried it everywhere with me and felt a little lost without it in my grasp, even for a few seconds. My dad then left the room and went upstairs. I sat alone with my mum for a moment. I wanted to speak to her, I wanted her to comfort me, like when I was small, but I didn’t know what to say. I looked up at her; she briefly shook her head and followed my dad. I wiped my eyes and walked up stairs to my room. My computer and television had been removed. I sighed and sat on my bed, before deciding I should get on with my homework.
I spent about an hour working on an essay about Macbeth. My stomach rumbled loudly and so I decided it was time to take a break. I wondered down to the kitchen and found my mum frantically darting about trying to prepare everything to cook a roast dinner. She hated cooking roasts so we rarely had them.
“Do you need a hand?” I asked her.
She looked up at me.
“What have you been doing?”
“Homework” I replied. “I started my Macbeth essay, but I need a break now”
She gave me a smile, the first since I got arrested.
“Can you peel the carrots?” she asked.
“Sure” I said and got to work.
“Why did you do it?” my mum asked suddenly, catching me of guard.
I turned to look at her, she looked upset.
“I’m stupid” I said “It was a one-time thing and trust me I am never going to do that again”
“But why”
I sighed, knowing she wasn’t to let up. “It was a dare”
I saw a flash of anger across her face, which was then replaced by something I couldn’t place.
“Your father and I, you know we both love you very much”
“I know mum” I said, giving her a small smile.
Next thing I knew she pulled me into a warm embrace that instantly made all my worries disappear and made tears prick at the corners of my eyes.
“Thanks” I said as she let me go.
“For what?”
“The hug” I replied. “I really needed that”
Mum smiled at me, wiping a stray tear of her cheek.
“Let’s get on with dinner” she said finally. I nodded at her and got back to peeling my carrots.

January 20th, 2015, 12:31 PM
that's really good, it was just like reading a real published book :)

January 20th, 2015, 05:13 PM
that's really good, it was just like reading a real published book :)

Thanks, thats really nice of you to say, You made my day :)