View Full Version : disoriented heart

January 18th, 2015, 02:36 AM
I hear the sound of an angel.
Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling the soft weight next to me.
I would wake up and you would be right there and I would just stare at you for hours until you would wake up.
Then you would smile and I would laugh as you pulled me in for a kiss.
It would be a summer day in our one room studio with the window open and calming rain.
You'd be sitting there on the desk doing some work. You would read something funny and have this cute little grin.
Play with your hair, lick your lips, take a deep breath.
And as I sat on the floor by the window listening to the rain and watching you I'd noticed I love you.
The way you move. The way you are. You would care for me and support me. You never neglected me and that made me timid because I knew you were serious about me. But you know what?
You don't have a face.
You don't have a name.
Youre only an idea that my mind made up in a dream.
and I'm really with someone who won't try to help me or himself. Someone who lies to me and uses me for his pleasure. And someone who only flirts with me to play with my heart.
I know I don't deserve this. But I also don't deserve HIM. He's not even real. I have a disoriented heart.which is why I can't be with anyone.