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January 5th, 2015, 02:05 PM
hey guys, here's a short story I've written.

The bell jar's lid would not come of, hard as he tried to force it. It was simply stuck and he had to accept that.

'Fine,' he muttered, slamming the jar on the wooden table with a loud pock.
He went to the slimy looking fridge and tried to find something else to eat. But that jar of peanut butter was his last hope for a good meal that morning, and he knew that very well. So he had to make do with the old canned beans he had been eating for the past two years. But one extra beans breakfast cannot make to big a difference, right?

He chewed silently for a few minutes, but the beans only made him feel even sicker, so he gave up the idea of eating that fine spring morning altogether. He threw the half full can in the overflowing trash bin.

'I need to take this shit out,' he thought as he went to the bathroom tiny bathroom to brush his teeth. The window did not stay shut so in the winter he had to endure the cold coming from the blizzard outside. It is, in certain ways, the same way with feelings. You come out of the shower all happy and warm and cozy and they it hits you - the wind, the freezing temperature that seems even worse because you're so warmed up.

He tried to squeeze some toothpaste out, but nothing would happen. It was empty. 'Screw it,' he said. 'I'll get some gum on my way.'

Jak was usually quite conscious about arriving on time - matter of fact, he usually ended up arriving too early. But, as long as he had on good electronics store to make the waiting bearable, he did not mind. Yet that particular morning, his mechanisms seemed all to slow. Being clumsy was something he had gotten used to, but the fact that it took him 5 minutes to tie his shoe laces gave him such a feeling of frustration that upon leaving the house he was all red and angry.

The sun was shining when he woke up - he was certain, since the rays of light were what had disturbed his sleep. But as he left the building in which he was living - a shabby looking construction that could collapse at any moment - a cold rain started to pour, seemingly out of nowhere. The thought of bringing an umbrella didn't even cross his mind, so he had to make do with his moth eaten jacket, since there was no time to go back and bring the almighty umbrella.

The taxis in his neighborhood were few and far between, so he didn't even consider one. Getting a taxi would've also meant spending most of that day's money, and he had some things to buy in the afternoon as well, he reminded himself. As he crossed the street to the bus stop, he noticed no one else was waiting there.

'Oh, fuck,' he murmured. Everyone knows what an empty bus stop at a rush hour means. He had missed it. He pulled out a bent pack of cigars from his back pocket and tried to light the last of the cigarettes, but it crumbled to pieces in his hands.

The sky was cloudy till one point where it turned into a bright blue, the kind of sky you'd see while climbing the mountains - pure almost. But that was not the direction in which he was going.

When the bus finally came, there was no one waiting so it just went on. From a small, not completely closed bathroom window across the street came the smell of gasoline. The square shaped window brightened from the inside, changing from grey to fiery.

Note - the name Jak was written that way on purpose, to express something, so it's not a typo of mine, trying to write Jack :lol: