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Burton Guster
January 3rd, 2015, 09:59 PM
Last summer I began smoking and now do it regularly because I can get it free or really cheap. This school year, I went from a B student to getting all A's. I don't believe smoking weed directly affects my grades but ever since I started smoking, my attitude towards life in general has become so much better. Honestly, I hate the person I used to be before smoking. I guess what I'm asking is, has anybody else's life gotten better by smoking weed?

January 3rd, 2015, 10:09 PM
Weed can have that affect on some people, while on others, it fucks them up. It depends on the person.
With my personal experience, and with a few of my siblings' experiences, we have a similar reaction to yours.
When I have a dry spell, I notice that I have a lot of panic attacks, anxiety in general, and I have a lot of issues with sleeping, like I can't get to sleep for more than an hour or two a night, and that goes on for several days. Or I have nightmares.
When I smoke (though I don't smoke more than a few times a month) I generally feel a lot better.
Weed does help people with anxiety disorders, and stuff like that.
I'm not saying everyone should start smoking it, but hey, if you do and it works for you, cool.

Meh Guy
January 6th, 2015, 11:56 PM
Eh, from time to time it gets better as a whole, but overall my life has kinda just stayed average. But I know some of my friends have experienced positives from it, like the ones you describe.

January 7th, 2015, 01:09 AM
I've smoked more in the past three months than I ever did in the past two years combined and I feel exactly the same. I think the effects vary depending on the condition of the person.

January 8th, 2015, 08:03 AM
that is interesting, I never heard of someone getting better grades before. I am still not sure I would recommend it to anyone (in fact, I know I would not), but if it is truly helping you get better grades well at least it is (for the time being) working out in a positive manner

January 14th, 2015, 03:52 AM
it's probably because you get better and deeper sleep after a THC high, and being well-rested does of course help with moods, energy levels and stress. I'd say the positive effects you've noticed are more thanks to better sleep than the actual THC high itself.

January 21st, 2015, 05:08 PM
I personally don't smoke.

But my friend uses weed for medical purposes (arthritis) so it definitely makes his life at least a little better.

January 26th, 2015, 09:38 AM
in the short term only