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December 16th, 2014, 11:42 AM
Maybe a section that is uncensored, except for bullying ? This would be a great section.

December 16th, 2014, 11:44 AM
What are you saying exactly?
Like a separate forum that is not moderated?
If so, that's most likely not going to happen. The last thing VT needs is an un-moderated forum. The staff is having enough on their plate with just the P101 section alone.

Lost in the Echo
December 16th, 2014, 11:44 AM
I'm not sure I understand what you mean? Are you talking about a section where you could vent? If so, The White Padded Room is generally used for that.

Could you please give us some more information on what you're talking about?

December 16th, 2014, 11:46 AM
(please merge with above post)

Also, why do you even want an un-moderated forum. Is there anything you want to do that you don't want moderated? I don't understand the purpose of this thread to be honest.

Horatio Nelson
December 16th, 2014, 11:46 AM
I don't quite get what you mean either.

But I'm taking uncensored as in nudity and or explicit content.

December 16th, 2014, 07:20 PM

So you're suggesting a part of the site where the site rules don't apply? Then what's the point of being on such site?
Most of the content here isn't censored, unless a member is fighting with someone or threads really inappropriate that they can't just be locked. For off-topic discussion you could continue it in VM/PM or in a diary.

December 16th, 2014, 08:01 PM
I've gotta agree with everyone else here, I see no possible merit to such a suggestion. Could you please clarify what you mean?

December 18th, 2014, 03:25 AM
If you want to see Smackdown or Raw watch it on TV, not VT... :P

December 21st, 2014, 03:04 PM
Every section should b like that

December 21st, 2014, 11:52 PM
Every section should b like that

Lol, I doubt that would ever happen on here, especially with teens having such a strong opinion on certain issues.

December 22nd, 2014, 12:46 AM
If you want that, go to 4chan