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November 28th, 2014, 02:29 AM
But would you mind telling me what you think?

A lot of the writing id like to do is shorts stories,letterish, poemish type things written about military or police or firefighters.

The church was a quiet place except for the sniffles and sobs from the new widow. Dozens of men in blue lines the pews and at first glance none were crying but they had learned to hide the tears. Next to the young widow sat a young boy, no more than 3 fidgeting and pulling on his clip on tie. He was too young to understand what happened to daddy. All he knew was momma is sad. He his teachers look at him weird when his momma came and picked him up. He'd seen that tv saying a police man was killed. He asked his momma why somebody would do that? His daddy was a police man and he was so nice?

The doors open and every one turns as a casket, draped in a flag, carried by six men, wear and sadness visible in their eyes. The ceremony begins and he hears men talk about a brave man who saved people and who they called a hero. he heard stories about a good friend. he didn't understand why there was a badge laying on the casket. Did someone forget it? After the ceremony is over the six return and fold the flag. A tall Older man comes up tears in his eyes and speaks to his momma, giving her the flag. The man turns and salutes the casket of the man called a hero. The young boy stands, not quite sure himself as to why, and walks to the casket. All eyes are on him as he stands up straight, puffs out his chest, and gives a salute to the man called a hero. he just stands there a moment as people stare he doesn't understand why momma is sad or why people are crying. he walks to his momma smiling and sits back down and asks her, " When is daddy gonna show up?"

November 28th, 2014, 09:34 AM
this was great man