View Full Version : need help coping (anxiety rant)

November 4th, 2014, 06:46 PM
my therapist who i have been going to for only a month now just made me realize that all of my problems really revolve around anxiety. i have been told to trac my anxiety and rate it from 1-10 every morning afternon and night. doing this i have realised my anxiety is normally always 4 and higher. i have always had anxiety and just recently it started to get out of control. the smallest thing triggers a panic attack and i cant calm down unless i talk to someone which isn't good for when i'm on my own and have one. anxiety attacks will trigger other bad things (such as temptations to self harm). i think the worse thing i have to deal with is my separation anxiety. as i child until my early high school years being away from my mom was a very hard thing. luckily that has strongly improved but now i have a very hard time being away from my boyfriend. i have bad anxiety over think allot and deal with strong negative thoughts and self harm temptations. my boyfriend temporarily makes these things go away when i am with him which is one of the many reasons i enjoy his company so much. if i go over 2 days with out him that is when i get bad. its also really bad because we live a couple cities apart so it is a challenge to see each other often. i sleep over at his house on the weekends and when it comes Sunday and i have to leave him i always cry. being away from him freaks me out. lately we have not been able to see each other as often as normal. this has been causing my anxiety to be way worse then normal.

i really need advice on ways to cope with anxiety attacks separation anxiety and anxiety in general.

November 14th, 2014, 11:43 AM
I know what you are feeling, at least some of it. I went to a therapist and she told me to do the same thing. Another things she told me was analyze your anxiety and realize that you might have no need for the anxiety. Sometimes if you just take deep breaths that can help a lot. And if the only way to calm yourself down is by talking to someone, try writing down what you would normally talk about.

Hope I was able to help.