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August 18th, 2014, 09:50 AM
Hi guys, I just watched a film called Shutter Island. It was a really great film, and definitely one of my favourite films so far. During the course of the film, there is mention of a lobotomy towards the end, it took me watching the film twice to work out what actually happened in it, but I won't spoil it here.

I didn't know what a Lobotomy was until I watched this film, but I still don't understand it fully and was wandering if some of you guys could help. I did a bit of Googling, unfortunately most of the Wikipedia page has a lot of doctor-speech in it and does not mention the effects of a Lobotomy.

My questions are:

- What effect does a Lobotomy have on the patient?
- Can a patient return to 'normal' society after a lobotomy?
- What are some side effects of a Lobotomy?
- Are Lobotomies still in practice today. If so, where?

Sorry to start a non Mental Crisis thread here, but I have scoured the site and can find no better place to put it. Admins, feel free to move this thread to somewhere more appropriate if seen fit.

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August 18th, 2014, 11:40 AM
Neurosurgeons perform lobotomies when they are indicated on patients with special requirements. Lobotomies are often performed on a patient which has association impairments, mental unstabilities, psychotic behavior and convulsions resistant to treatments. It really is a last resort kind of treatment and it's not often used nowadays.

The side effects are a radical change in behavior and temper, sometimes even amnesia, Broca's aphasia which is a difficulty of speech, also speech impairments because of alterations in word and subject associations and that's as far as I remember about Lobotomies.